the humble cardboard can be seen almost everywhere in our daily lives.
but their functions and purpose differ from user to user.



a series of sketches that leads to the eventual final piece.


a cardboard in the eyes of fire is dinner.
when placed upon fire, cardboard quickly disintegrates and
is consumed almost immediately, increasing the intensity
of the flame. pretty much like a dusk nourishment.


a cardboard in the eyes of a cat is a playground.
a leap, a crawl. a jump and a purr, and it’ll curl itself up
and take a short nap. a pile of cardboard may just be as
such to us, but to a feline, its adventure time.


a cardboard in the eyes of a child is a castle/fort.
they transform in meaning to the child – they are akin to
aplenty of things, even a building block to build their huge


a cardboard in the eyes of fruits is a mode of transportation.
grouped together and heading in the same direction…that
sounds like public transport!

a cardboard in the eyes of foolscap paper is a backrest
most foolscap pad comes with a nice, grey cardboard backing…
which they lie on.

a cardboard in the eyes of an old aunty is money.
collection > recycling centre > money.
nuff’ said.

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