spectrum resonance

the hospital is indeed a very stressful place to work or reside in,
be it temporal or for a prolonged period of time. how can one then,
use art as an intervention tool to bring about a certain
ease, calm even if it’s just momentary.

the site of intervention is that of a transitional space that serves
to link two blocks of the hospital together and it is a part of the
greater network of linkways that goes through shopping malls
in the vicinity.


initial concept 1
various forms and bodies extracted from nature as a basic composition

humanity, despite constantly expanding his built environment,
has the innate habit in him to return to the embrace of nature.
he has always been part of nature, that the concrete jungle
is never truly his home.

there have been much research done upon the link
between nature and physical + mental well-being of humans,
of which the conclusion often points to nature being a part
of the healing process. urbanisation may seem to be a
normalcy but unless it strives to be inclusive, the unnatural
detachment of man from nature will continue to torment.
initial concept 2
a walk into the embrace of nature, a forest.

therefore art in this context serves to allow nature to try to be
physically present through art, through the mimicry of the
elements found in nature, bringing her into his environment,
to provide what is lacking, the contemplative peace, beauty
and tranquillity.

initial concept 3
the impalpable energy force of man in the space and nature
trying to enter his built environment embodied physically


initial concept 4
the form of a flower is used as a guide to cutting incisions
and allowing the playing of light, shadows and eventually
colours to suggest abstract forms.

sensitivity is placed upon the form and colour that is used
in the creation of the artwork, as much as the understanding
of the people that it will serve.

in form, elements from nature, fluid curves and diverse
non-geometrical shapes are extracted. they serve to
counter the form elements which are a direct contrary to
curves and lend a soft touch to the space.

in colour, greens, browns, blues, yellows and oranges
are colour picked in contrast with the current drab greys
and whites.

green – balance and growth, nurturing, emotional calmness
blue – peace and tranquility
brown – warmth, reminiscing wood
yellow – bright, hope, cheerfulness
orange – optimism and uplifting

Composition 1EConOSS  Composition 2EConOSSComposition 3OSS  Composition 5OSS

Composition 6OSS
various layers composing of differing colours are overlayed

upon one another to create a certain rhythm and vibrancy,
that the work despite being on a flat medium, has in it
a kind of energy and movement akin to the swaying of the
leaves and flowers when the wind blows.

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