Process: Delving into Houdini

Visual Inspiration

I was mesmerized by this video that I came across over the weekend. The look and feel of the visuals are pretty similar to what I have envisioned for myself. However, I was not really able to catch the steps involved to achieve it because I am not particularly familiar with Houdini just yet and the video was overly sped up.


I have started getting myself orientated to Houdini since I’ll be rendering most of my visuals for the media art wall from it. I’ve watched some tutorials online and tested out deformation of objects as well as fluid particles. The videos below are what I have achieved and progressed so far. However, I’ve not yet figured out the exact components that could be used to achiever the look I’m going for for the final project.

I am still figuring out how to work around the software and how I could incorporate the features available into my project. After consulting with Pamela, I have gotten more insight on the interface of the software itself and other components that might come in handy to produce the look that I aim to have. She has also provided me useful links to online forums and tutorials that could help me with experimenting more looks to go about with the textile patterns and motifs.