Teteque: Character Designs

Teteque Character Design

Teteque is portrayed as a skinny, almost skeletal, elderly witch with silver hair, pasty pale blueish skin, dark dilated eyes, razor-sharp teeth, long claws and long veiny breasts latched on her back. A worn out cloth secured by a loose rope belt covers he genitalia.

Teteque’s anatomy is designed in a way where she could move as a bipedal or a quadrupedal based on the speed that she is going.Her breasts are extensions to her limbs, able to move them independently like serpents. The constriction of her breasts could kill a grown man.

On both feet, she moves rather slowly with her shoulders leaned to one side, a slouched back and her arms loosely draping down as she drags the weight of her heavy breasts.

She will only be on four limbs when her predatory instincts are activated. She could crawl faster than a roach in the dark and her spine arches outwards to counter the weight of her breasts. Her breasts could sometimes be swinging in mid-air depending on how fast she goes.

Wayan Character Design

Wayan is portrayed as teenage boy with a slightly athletic build and broad shoulders. He has the tan of an Indonesian native with light brown hair. He wears flip-flops, a t-shirt, cargo pants and a digital watch on his wrist.