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_MG_0809  _MG_0965


Initially I went to Prof Vladimir with these photos. I didn’t even edit the contrast or lighting. Wow. Effort.

Well yeah, it’s the same idea of the awkward distance I have with my family members. I am more into the idea
having a family than actually being with my family?? It’s quite a strange feeling to have so many keepsakes and yet feel so
away from them. I liked the idea of putting yellow flowers into water the wrong way. Yellow flowers represent happiness and I
was trying to show that I have the opportunity to be happy and make things work but I can’t seem to get it just right.

However with all the photos being quite cryptic and cropped off at edges (allowing viewers to guess, I guess?), prof suggested that I retake the part
of me trying to hug my mother ( can you tell how awkward it is ). It was too explicit and abrupt in this photoset.

It made me think of what colouring I should edit my photos to have to give off a certain mood.


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