hello yes glue is fun

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I really liked the line for anxious which involved the use of glue and ink, and I documented down the process of how it came to be. This was inspired by Kuangjun after seeing him making wonderful marble crackling effects with just white glue and paint! (thank you kj btw!)

I just created a blob of paint, swirled it around randomly with an ice cream stick and applied rather diluted ink onto it. Then I started to try it with the air dryer in the 2D room while adding more ink to determine how dark I wanted the effect to be. It created ridges in the glue as it dried and the ink started to accentuate the lines too. Once it was semi dry, I squished the paper in however way I wanted to create crumples on the glued area and it stayed that way from then on. I could have left it alone as a blob of dried black glue (which was p cool already), but I thought the crumples would give it a harsher effect somehow.

I wanted to share this during the presentation today but there wasn’t time so yeah here it is on OSS ///
Im obsessed with the effect it gives – slightly reflective and leaves quite crisp lines behind. Also the random splotches of ink created around it (due to the unpredictably strong air dryer) gives it added layer of feelings too hmm

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