late night madness

it was around 3am in the 2D room when things got a little strange –
let’s just say exhaustion is a great fuel for emotions to be infused into your works

also that sponge was really dirty though yikes



(fun fact: this made it to the final cut of lines under spontaneous…. though that doesn’t sound very surprising)

Credits to Charlene for taking the time-lapse! xoxo

also sorry its kinda blurry…. everything was resized and it became like this ):




It was kind of like stepping into Pollock’s shoes except with a dirty sponge. Quite enjoyable actually, to let all your emotions just run free. The all-over approach really appeals to me. 10/10 would recommend doing this some day for fun

also to maybe try on a bigger canvas with sheets laid out for cleanliness’ sake because things do really get messy everywhere. oops.

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