Artist Research // – 2

Willem de Kooning + Franz Kline

DSCF5063 DSCF4999 DSCF4998

(words are too small, but yeah I was inspired by their use of ink/inverted colours + abstract marks. I used thread in this attempt to emulate the effect)



Robert Rauschenberg


(inspired by the erased Dekooning drawing by Rauschenberg. He purchased a drawing by artist Willem Dekooning and erased his sketch, leaving an imprint on the paper. I was thinking that this could be a line……… but yeah probably not its too faded)


Main inspiration: Chua Ek Kay

One of the Post war Chinese immigrant in Singapore (well versed in Western art too)
Rooted in chinese ink, bridged eastern and western art in terms of using eastern painting style for more westernised subject matter)

his marks on paper using chinese ink have varying tonal values and are placed in a poetic manner

this influenced my final works! I was trying to get different tonal values out of monoprinting and it just so happened that my monoprints all looked like mountains so that worked out fine


DSCF5068 DSCF5067 DSCF5065 DSCF5065-1



Of course…. the Sol Lewitt reference

DSCF5074 DSCF5072 DSCF5071



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