Attempt at Anthromorphism //-

anthro 1

^ Example of anthropomorphism ^

Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human form or other characteristics to beings other than humans, particularly deities and animals.” – Wikipedia

Anthropomorphism could be considered similar to that of visual personification in a sense. I tried to apply this interesting theory while creating my compositions for this assignment. I did not consciously focus on morphing human forms or animals but I was going with my gut feel with the images I had.


anthro 2
anthro 3 spoon-tamago


These are some examples that I have found on the internet that I have used as references….

and these are my attempts –


attempt 1 //- not quite like the morphing of tentacles….but as close as I could get


attempt 2 // – addition of mythical creature wings onto a human person


Despite not being as refined as the examples, or as clear cut of an anthropomorphism exercise – I found that the images were more visually appealing and constructive in my composition.


I might try a few more examples if I have the time!

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