Ego // – The End

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Mixed Media; acrylic paint, collage, sewing, digital manipulation???

Overall Final (actual work after print)

visit tumblr for higher resolution (OSS has its limits…..)

From the dilemma of blaming a family member, dealing with addiction, hoping that I can face reality (see past what society/family wants me to not see to protect my innocence) and, y’know,

Realising that conformity isn’t that important if it prevents you from being who you truly want to be?

You could say that this was too personal of a project. I don’t know.


My colours are mostly dark, warm/cool monotone, complementary and probably comes across as unsettling?
It’s not bright and chirpy and I guess that’s me.
Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy bold splashes of colours too.

I’ll just enjoy it at my own pace.


Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 7.08.30 pm



update after presentation:
Printing may not always be the best option for final product because its unpredictable sometimes. So yeah the originals were stronger than the final works for some, and there’s still quite a lot I could improve on….

if only time was on my side!




HQ photos

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