Chapter 1 // LLTM

Kuroko sits in his apartment in central Osaka and sighs. The Yakuza has been a mess lately. It’s hilarious how his own men were dying because of suspicion amongst themselves causing murders out of fear. It was hard to calm a large bunch of angry mobsters down when they have caught wind of possible undercover cops that could end their lives for them. Ever since the mutation, the police has come up with jails and torture systems that made even the fiercest strongest member of mafias quiver.

Its not that Kuroko hasn’t been screening his members or keeping them in check. He does proper background checks and enforces enough fear, but even he himself started to doubt the people around him – even his favourite kobun Mikoto. You can never be too safe.Sometimes Kuoro even resorts to using his mind control abilities to ensure his members’ loyalty. But that, of course, couldn’t be a long term solution. It wears him out and even his full skull tattoo on his face couldn’t hide his weariness. A weakness in the oyabun is the collapse of a mob….


It’s not  common for mobs to collude and become one, but the Yakuza was seriously in dire need of stronger reinforcements. Kuroko decides to consult Mikoto about joining up with Kohusai, another mob clan who generally exist in the Kobe area of Japan. They would have to prepare the necessary defences, offerings and proposal to the Oyabun of the other mob. Mikoto would also have to decide on which mode of transport they should take to Kobe.


Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 11.53.52 pm


What’s the safest mode of transport to Kobe when you have to move your oyabun discreetly to another state?

What should you prepare for?

Should the Oyabun cover up his facial tattoos to avoid being noticed by his rivals?

Where would you stay in Kobe?

What are you guys going to wear? (refer to Lore//Fashion)



Honestly Kuroko’s really nervous for travel. His internal dialogue and fears are overwhelming. And yet? He has to keep a fierce front. Except that Mikoto’s his closest associate and he might confide in him.

But can you really trust him?

@oyabun Kuroko 

Roll 2 dice for intelligence.
If its more than 12, succeed at disguise. If not, the disguise is really badly done and your kobun laughs at you. Bromance in a weird way. Kobun would then have to think of an alternative solution.

@kobun Mikoto

Packing for travel is a really bothersome thing. It gets on your nerves. You have to pack for Kuroko too – as he sits in his chair sipping bourbon looking over the skyline in tokyo. He seems to be really bothered and worried about this meeting with the Kohusai. Of course, he seems to be masking his internal struggles, but it can never escape you. You’d want to help him but – he’s a difficult man to deal with. A man with many struggles and restrictions, you can only pack anxiously while looking upon his backview.

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