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Japan – the land of technological advancement, unique culture and very polite people.

So what exactly is up with Japan?

Due to nuclear radiation caused by the unfortunate explosion of reactors, the waters of the country was polluted. As a result, everyone in the country had streaks of mutation within them. Many of them couldn’t take it and died, but those who survived had mutations that made them very dangerous people. Blades that could extend out of their knuckles, mind control just by looking into the eyes of the mutated, or even the fact that some could even split themselves up and create duplicates of their being – that was just the tip of the iceberg. Everyone still looked like normal human beings, but they each had secret abilities of their own. Businesses remain open and thriving, citizens still carry out leisurely activities, and students still attend school. Nothing seemed wrong.

The only problem was that the underground mobsters were also thriving as a result (especially that of the Yakuza, a big united triad who could inflict a lot of damage as they carried out their mob duties.) Be it extortion, prostitution, or drug dealing – they were now even more terrifying in a big group with their dangerous abilities that can aid them in their shady business.

Of course, the detectives at Osaka Police Department are fighting day and night trying to get evidence to pin the mobster boss down for his crimes, ending mob life in Osaka. Their latest move was to plant undercover policemen in the mob, and that has caused a lot of distrust and chaos within the mob. With the mob in a mess and their forces weakening with their discord, the mobster boss suggested to team up with the next biggest mob in Osaka, the Kohusai. But first, he has to gain the trust of the other mob.

First task //

Oyabun and his Kobun visit the Peragon nightclub in central Tokyo, a place rumoured to be where the boss of Kohusai spends his days gambling and making merry. It is crucial to be alert because Kohusai is renowned to be ruthless and doesn’t take crap from others.

Ultimate goal?

Defeat the police force, dominate Osaka. Why not?

Characters //

You can give your character any name you want, but the roles are fixed!

  1. Yakuza’s Oyabun (Boss)
  2. Yakuza’s Kobun (His favourite one, acts as his right hand man)

Abilities //

Choose any three from below (choose wiselyyyy……..)

// these are one-time use kind of power btw. its confusing but we’ll figure it out.//

  1. Able to split into duplicates of being (+1 agility)
  2. Blades from knuckles in battle (+1 strength)
  3. Mind Control  (+1 intelligence)
  4. Transmutation into Wolf (+1 agility)
  5. Pyrokinesis (+1 intelligence)
  6. Telekinesis (+1 agility)
  7. Resurgence (+1 intelligence)

Before you begin,

  • Name of character
  • Character (whoever’s faster can be Oyabun)
  • Assign 8 Attribute Points to STR, AGI, INT
  • Decide on 3 abilities for your character (add into overall stats)
  • Your preferred default weapon (katana/pistol)
  • Appearance (including tattoo choices)
  • Back Story


LLTM = Long Live The Mafia.

I ran out of ideas, clearly.

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