Lore II // LLTM’s Fashion

What do mafias wear in modern times? Ye’ old suit and tie can be a little bit of a cliche in modern days, since now that we know Japan’s fashion scene is bustling with creativity. Vibrant colours, prints and different materials from tweed to silk – suits are only reserved for formal occasions.


I guess the most terrifying thing is that the mafia walks among normal civilians nowadays.


bizcash casual tattoos


The more hipster or grunge they dress, the more they fit in with the culture of Japan’s fashion. This works especially well with the younger generation mafs, in which they might not even have full body tattoos done the traditional way with inks. Modern yakuzas may opt for smaller, more inconspicuous tattoos to mark themselves as one.


I wouldn’t consider this a fashion tip,

but the consequences are still the same in modern times if a Yakuza would like to leave the mafia. They would still have to chop off one of their fingers and offer it to the Oyabun. Gruesome as it is, it sounds better than a life enslaved to the mob.


Let’s just say that people aren’t as they seem.

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