Lore// Maf Laws

When you say law is it supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing?
Its ironic, isn’t it, that the mafia hates the law but has their own set of laws for their peeps to obey.


Well let’s start with the obvious one that everyone knows about.

When a kobun or any member of the Yakuza disobeys or fails to serve the Oyabun, they would have to sever their own pinky finger or ring finger of their dom hand by themselves, offering it to their boss on a white cloth as he sips sake and looks upon you with disappointment in his eyes.


The only reason why they have to sever their fingers is because the Yakuza used to use Katanas as weapons, and when you sever the last two fingers of your dominant hand, you significantly lose your ability to wield your weapon. This also happened when any member wanted to leave the group. If you want out, you literally have to show your sincerity by chopping your fingers off and adding it to the Oyabun’s finger pile. Hilarious in theory but really not recommended. But for modern day yakuza’s, they hardly use Katanas and have started using guns and other weapons, so the repercussions have been altered over time.

(and also to the oyabun’s personality)



1- If you significantly fail to follow through with orders given from superiors you have the choice of

  • tattooing a dog on your face so people know how incompetent you are. good luck finding a job.
  • tattooing Yao Ming’s face on your butt so your significant other will always be concerned and confused. Also, you will never forget your disappointment to the mob as you glance at your behind while in a bathhouse.
  • do a performance art involving dancing on butter and falling down repeatedly in public. why not? the oyabun enjoys art and performance art.
  • but also you can still choose to chop your fingers off if you’re into that.



well the oyabun just thought it was funny.


It actually occurred to one of the members who accidentally left fingerprints at a crime scene and caused the cops to lead back to the yakuza. They ended up seizing one of their nightclubs and ruining about 10m yen of their annual income. He opted to do the butter dance in public at a busy street and he was tormented for the rest of his life by both the mob and also the general public who let it go viral on social media. It’s the modern day form of torture.


Generally Japan has strict laws on murder, especially with the police on high alert for the mob, they imposed laws that include death sentence for first degree murder, and life sentence for any other forms of manslaughter. Not pretty, but it happens. The yakuza’s just too smart to be caught, you know. Their murder scenes do not include any form of fingerprints found, or with any identification on the victims too. It stalls the investigative process and gives them the upper hand of being able to mess with the good side of the law. But occasionally a rookie from the yakuza would slip up and be arrested by the police, often time not being seen again by anyone they know. Even then, they wouldn’t give up the mob for their freedom, the cops are too hellbent against the mob to let anyone live or leave anyway.



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