1; Idea & Experimentation

Hello. I’ve been a ghost member of the class for a while. BUT I EXIST.
and I’m alive so i’m here to give a lil update of what I have been doing (finally).

Typographic Portrait based on my name? Well the first thing I did when I heard the brief was to laugh because my entire name is an irony. Wu You literally means no worries in Chinese like what kind of mess is that?? This was going to be a fun project as you can tell. Everything’s based on irony in a general sense.


pardon the mess I tend to forget i have to submit my visual journal and its a literal mess.

The final decisions were

  • no worries worry-wart
  • alien / rebel
  • a mess (but also a work in progress)
  • sleep too much/not enough

its confusing, i know, but that’s the point. kind of.

I was in an art block recently so when in doubt just make a mess and see what happens


it started with this

The appropriate word to describe that night was ‘ratchet’.

It was like mono printing again but with more angst than last semester. I spilled a lot of ink and then just ‘piak’ my papers on to make prints. I was going to digitalise them and see what I got in the end.


  1. write my name on the table, piak paper and see what I get. I realised I should have written my name backwards to get a forwards print but you know it was 5am and I wasn’t sure if I was even thinking at all
  2. used saturated ink to write my name on paper, then made prints of it to play with symmetry. I loved making prints on prints on prints as I learned from last sem because the more you print the more you seem to distill the details out. It explains why I made a lot. (explains my oss header not like anyone rly cares)
  3. wrote no worries because its the actual meaning of my name, but i wrote it with saturated ink then accidentally spilled water on it. yikes. so my instinct said spill more water on it and let it drip.
  4. when you play with inks you usually end up doing something pollock-y. I just poured ink from my bottle straight to the paper and then poured water on it and let it drip.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 4.58.59 pm copy Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 4.59.23 pm copy Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 4.59.32 pm copy


-> back story, i kicked over my bowl of ink. good job.

(yes the quality is horrifying pls forgive my soul)

this was just one part of the process I guess!




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