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What would the mafia consider as entertainment? What’s happening in their local area? What are the common entertainment outlets that the people seek in Osaka Japan?

Well there are a wide array of things to do.

  1. squarest watermelon growing competition
  2. hot springs to chill with people
  3. prostitution (the obvious that happens in a mafia run city)
  4. Drug addition. Heroin’s pretty hot in town too.


Well honestly the whole squarest watermelon thing helps to boost tourism in Japan too. It’s just interesting how they can genetically create fruits and bend nature to their will. Watermelons are actually measured and photographed by size / shape / colour too. It’s quite entertaining, because the winner actually gets a money prize. You wouldn’t catch the yakuza openly participating in this – but there are some gardening enthusiasts who secretly participate, concealing all of their tattoos and participating in their off time.



Hot springs? The usual. Yakuzas usually gather at their own bathhouse because they are shunned at the usual bath house. It is their gathering place, and they indulge in soju as they soak in the hot springs, having a good time with the occasional sushi accompaniment. It’s a very bromance kind of thing.


[no photo because i don’t think you need a visual reference for this…..]

Prostitution – one of the mafia’s top areas of revenue. With such great revenue of course the business is booming. Men (and women) with nothing better to do and having some urge to do things would visit nightclubs in central osaka run by the yakuza to participate in the services provided by the yakuza. Women of different ages / ethnicity are available. Objectively speaking, they are objectified. It’s not the most glorious of entertainments in Osaka, but it is one of the most prominent ones. It is legal to some extent, but there are some shady administrative details of the origins of the girls. Let’s not talk about that…..shall we? But it’s entertainment to people of course.

[or a photo for drugs……………]

and hand in hand with prostitution? drug distribution. it’s the easiest thing to do along with trading people as sex commodities. heroin is the latest drug to hit osaka lately because the yakuza has just closed a deal with the colombians. They also have a wide array of meth / opium / weed available, but only some people have that addiction. Its a form of entertainment catered towards the sadder people in Osaka I guess. Not everyone’s going to be smiley and happy in a city so chaotic, when the good is fighting the evil. Nothing better to do than to get high and forget reality for a moment.



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