how trash was made


Process of image transfer – using screen print medium and inverted images of the news article, I applied the medium and then the image over it and  used a hair dryer. IT started burning my paper but it wasn’t quite dry enough. Maybe leaving it in the sun would work better. The image didnt transfer as clean as I rubbed for hours with my finger and water to get the paper on the top layer off. There are better ways to do this.


Collected stubs from people around the place. Tried to tea-stain paper for the background but it turned out heinous so I used norma brown paper instead. I tried to arrange the stubs also to make sense and be less messy since its only A5……. decided in the end that some drawing was needed for the hand-done effect. IMG_1737 IMG_1735

Process shots of the hashtag piece. I didn’t take a lot of photos this time round but it was a pain-staking layering of hashtags. Maybe digitally doing something like this in the future would be easier…. or harder… I prefer traditional medium anyway, but it’ll be cleaner on a digital level. IMG_1719

work by Kehinde Wiley. I found his works in the ADM library, painting POC in the same positions as renaissance works that usually featured white people exclusively only. the men he sourced for these paintings were from bars or from just around the neighbourhood. I thought that referencing something that used to be exclusive to a certain race or skin colour for normal classed people nowadays was quite interesting. I also really love oil paintings. and even the birds in this one are hand painted. All the symbols. THAT EFFORT!!!!IMG_1693

My initial attempt at the newspaper transfer thing. IT was just glued on and looked hilarious so Im glad I did something else in the end.



Pages from Dustin Yellin’s book. He did a lot of photo collages. Really nice. And had some random pages at the back of his journals I guess. It was quite inspiring. I love his works too, very detailed. check him out yo






contains vaguely strong language and a lot of ignorance from a white man.

just a fun fact, i tweeted about this project casually and received this as a reply on twitter. it was a prompt reply and it’s terrifying but it turned out funny because he dragged himself down for being racist and this just proves to you that racism is very very real in the world and we do need to do something about it. imagine if a man would get so worked up over a tweet? what if i were to be actually black? or asian in USA? would he get aggressive? probably.


IF you guys wondered why I even did a project on something so touchy – its because of people like this.

people who jump the gun to defend their own race against the others. people who think its okay to be racist.

people who just spent about an hour arguing with me (but actually himself) on twitter over race and proved the point I was making.

He also tweeted that he can’t believe trump gave a woman a job on his campaign. It paints a picture doesn’t it.



///sips tea

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