hello yes it is me again with the trash and being weird i can’t help it I’m sorry!!!

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Actually a lot of y’all wrote me notes (thanks for the validation <3), but like, y’all were concerned as to why i put my works by the bin. I didn’t think that my works were trash, anyway. In fact, i’m kind of glad they came out decent (I have very low expectations if you can’t tell).

The overarching idea here is about equality, which was what that was written (ironically) on an NIE post it note. It’s something that is hard to be taught to people. Its a problem that we face everyday, in Singapore too, but that’s too long of a story for me to talk about here.

Racism is a problem treated like trash, yknw. We know its there. It’s problematic. It usually smells bad. But when you walk past trash you probably wouldn’t touch it or clear it you probably wouldn’t turn for a second look. That was what that I was going for. I also feel very comfortable in corners but that’s not the main reason.

////with that aside


From a movie ticket to an award show and the media’s response…..



The way we used to be exposed to the media was through watching movies. It was a thing that everyone used to do, and we still do today. I tried to recreate a vintage-y retro-y movie ticket but I got carried away overlaying layers of textures. I struggled with the fonts and stuff I just went with what I felt looked normal? I also downloaded some free fonts to play around and got this. Sure, it isn’t retro in any sense but I guess it could play on the fact its a modern look back on issues that were grounded from the past.


or that i’m completely just trying to prove my point really desperately.

ps/ 420 1300135. Please laugh if you get it.



I tried to recreate a scrapbook. Personally I do collect ticket stubs but I recently lost them bc i lost my wallet in penang. I wasn’t very smart. I went around asking people for ticket stubs (THANK YOU EVERYONE esp. andrew for trying and random people I found in the 3D lab at 2am). It was mostly Zootopia and animated films? I went with deadpool instead because I haven’t actually watched it but i’ve heard so much about the actors…. I also put my friend’s hall production ticket stub because I thought it was fitting. Imagine a child’s book with this, and all the child wanted to do when she grew up was to be famous and an actress…. but she’s a person of colour (POC). POC in films are usually portrayed as jokes or a stereotype and it’s really discouraging especially to a young child. I used brown and yellow paint to dab over the drawings because it’s like a hope for more POC to be in films. Also I drew jennifer lawrence. y’all know I have an issue with her. I don’t know why either. But when I thought of “who’s a white actress that people love? oh, jennifer lawrence”. Oops.



This probably looks badly done. That’s because it is.
Award shows are supposed to be grand. People show up in pretty dresses and overpriced suits and look as though they’re having the time of their lives on the red carpet (when their spanx underneath are probably suffocating them instead). The background are roses because its a celebratory flower of sorts, given to performers. I went with something darker because it was a grim topic, initially it was brighter and chirpier I guess. The award card was done really half-assed because that’s how the writers of the award show seem to take it as. Who allowed the racist jokes? Who allowed throwing shade so meanly on stage? Also what was Chris Rock thinking bringing 3 CHINESE KIDS on stage to make a point? I’m all up for political stances but honestly leave the children out of it.


They ain’t yo punchline.


Also yeah I actually image transferred the newspaper article from 2nd March 2016 on Straits Times onto the back of the award announcement card. It’s the aftermath of such stunts pulled on a stage with so much publicity given to it. The backlash that the person who said it probably didn’t think about.



Over the years we have come to know the Oscars as the whitest award show ever. Literally for the past two years POC have not been awarded and it’s mostly a platform for POC to realise that white privilege is real and the industry still favours white actors. That’s an unfortunate fact. I put John Legend’s wife’s reaction from this year’s oscars (and last year’s actually) as she heard problematic things said on stage. And I also situated her in a slightly creepy and empty  cinema with white people looking mass-produced and staring into your soul. Im not against white people, really, i’m just proving a point that white privilege is real and in the media industry there’s some sort of standard that actors conform to (HENCE THEY ALL SEEM TO LOOK ALIKE AND I THINK ITS SCARY).


Also at the back I have a random police man pepperspraying a protestor asking if she’s next to be shot by the police for being black. It’s from the Ferguson riots. Am I next could mean – Am i next to win an oscar (finally)? or Am I next to be shot and killed for my skin colour?


////sips tea/////



First of all I’ve never felt such pain in my life to create an image made of hashtags using liquid paper. Liquid paper is referred to as ‘white out’ in other countries. THE MEDIUM HAS A MESSAGE TOO WOW. But it was a pain. It’s just an oscar award with two guns at the back and bright gold shimmery paint with viral hashtags regarding race. #blacklivesmatter #staywoke #stillsowhite. These hashtags went viral on Twitter/Tumblr and it’s through the power of social media and the people who are ‘woke’ about such issues. It’s important to know that even though it doesn’t affect us directly that such issues still need our help to shine light on.


This work is quite in-your-face. Which is why hashtags are so powerful!11!!1


The problem with media in the USA is that its very white-washed. In fact, that’s the case with the world but since i’m talking about the US here…..This right here is Michael Brown, the kid who was shot by the police and painted by the media to be a thug and horrible and deserved to be shot. Ultimately, he was still a kid and he was wrongfully shot, but of course the majority wins and can twist the story to fit their purpose, if you know what I mean. I felt really strongly about Michael Brown because we are of the same age. Imagine being killed for your skin colour. Yikes. Please don’t.


I overlayed his graduation photo from high school over the silhouette of oscar awards. He wasn’t the only POC to be killed for being the way they are. They are so many more who were wrongfully killed (e.g Tamir Rice etc). They’re wrongfully killed as efficiently as awards were given out to white people. Disposable, almost. It’s tragic. It’s very deep and dark of an issue to be discussing here. I crossed his eyes out and wrote white privilege over it…. for reasons….



I do not hate the entire race of white people. I have nothing against them, except those who are ignorantly unaware of white privilege being a thing and are doing unreasonable things to other races. I am aware that this is in the context of USA, but any issues raised in the idea of race can be thought about in SG’s point of view too.

This was done in an objective manner about the serious issue of WHITE PRIVILEGE.

sorry if its too political, but this was my point of view from what I was exposed to.


I just have a lot of feelings about a lot of things. The last project will be milder, I promise.

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