What is Art?
What makes art good and who says it?
Why is slut-shaming a thing?
You do you, boo boo. Live young.



Project 3; Zine
Zines were grounded initially in feminism and something sort of anti-art.
Which sounded like it was up my alley.

It just so happened that my friends and I were discussing the topic of slut-shaming in society around the time of this project too. It was quite interesting – we discussed ideas of reclaiming the term that had such a negative connotation in the past and normalising it, etc. I’ll attach some replies that inspired me in another post.

and then soon it was one of those moments when words click and you form something like ‘artslut’ as a term. It’s not the most pleasant terms but it grows on you after a while.. I wanted to normalise something so bad sounding anyway.




I borrowed this from my friend last semester. It was a shady zine from a shady stall in Japan. I thought it was hilarious that they played on such an iconic work and made it their own (and not in a cliche way) IMG_1223

and then this was one of the works from Tang Da Wu at the national gallery.  I studied quite a bit of his works in JC too so I was quite excited to see the real thing. It was quite amazing that he created this work to make a statement with the MP at that time.

I mean, by now I think it’s quite evident I’m interested in people who fight against the norm. I just thought art was a powerful medium that could do a lot of things…. including making a statement?IMG_1140 copy

this was one of the works at national gallery too, i just edited something barbara kruger-ish over because i thought the men looking at the women was kind of like they were searching for a prostitute or something. I could be very wrong. I just thought it fit. I wanted to play on the idea of originality and influences merging into one anyway. What IS art?!IMG_0908

more references from my friend’s shady book.


I particularly like the colour scheme of this one that i found on pinterest. It’s simple and clear cut, has a nice vibe to it. I was quite sure I couldn’t achieve this yet – its not easy to keep things minimal and succinct ): 597f22f325bca336508f33eee2a036b2

and this is my kind of thing…….confusing and makes you go ???
Kinda grunge-y with textures.


IMG_1964 IMG_1965

Sorry it’s kinda crude (the cover, I mean) and badly made. It was a test fold of the accordion bind which is surprisingly very confusing. I still am confused about this, because you have to edit each page differently and then put them together. I don’t know how to explain this. My mock up will show you how messed up I was about this.


Then, I tried to research more into art and sluts. (#casual)

I studied art in AEP last time, and it was like art history and the whole concept of art critiquing and I got really into it. The main question that we had to write essays on was “what is art?” and up till now I still don’t think we have an answer. It’s just whatever you want it to be, but strangely I had to memorise different methods of categorising art???? And there was a distinction between HIGH and LOW art…..?


Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 3.43.32 am

That was when I thought to combine Art and Slut as a concept. It’s not that far off. Artists and ‘sluts’ know what they want. One is freedom of creation and the other is freedom of sexuality. And they should just both go for it and ditch the judgement.



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