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This was a fun project actually, better than expected. It was really fun exploring paper as a medium beyond 2D!!! and also for getting well that is. I recently gave my spare one to my friend who was really sick and she was really happy about it so I guess that means it works right???/ Wew.



Initial Development

I wanted to go for a more handmade feel therefore I opted to use my own handwriting instead of a typeface for the words. I tried with script typefaces but it looked too impersonal for me. The first attempt was quite horrible (colours especially) because I overlayed the layers and kinda messed up the orange colour into brown instead. Oops. And when the card folded up together there wasn’t a clear figure ground relationship.

So upon editing…


I tried with a fisherman but it seemed too childish and out of place, hence I removed it upon feedback from peers.
I did try to create a pattern from the design I started with by repeating and playing with scale.

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-12-23-43-am-copy screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-12-23-57-am-copy

The final layout – with repeated motifs and whales. The trim marks are too obvious actually, in hindsight I would have made it in grey or something. I would have also explored more with the colours so there would be more visual interest and lead in with colours as well as patterns.


img_6145Numerous test prints…………..


and then we have this!!!



That’s that.


Goodbye vc1, I love all of u xoxo


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