art attack ;


my favourite still life remains as the first one. somehow i was in a good mood, perhaps, or i was just overly excited and didn’t worry as much. its always a good idea to plan on paper and with your cardboard ‘L’s before starting



clearly in a less chirpy mood, opted for a bigger composition of many items that were hard to paint together. i think the yellow is this painting’s saving grace.




pro tip: don’t literally immerse yourself in darkness to paint.



i followed my own pro tip and stood in an area with light for once!!! at the bus stop waiting for my campus rider, it was more fun painting this when you can see what you’re doing. big broad strokes of paint usually gets the job done better when capturing a landscape i think.

I was not there for class, so I drew Leon instead. I contemplated changing the background colour but I didn’t do it in the end because nothing seemed to work as well. I need to work more on painting backgrounds. (But it does resemble him right????)




It was one of my earlier experiences painting from a live model. clearly anxious and not really sure which area to focus on. also too much oil? it was looking kind of weird. i also struggled with the eyes. its always the eyes.
(real eyes realise real lies)


PORTRAIT 3; (my second favourite)
ZEN. The iconic Zen. Well her position made her bust seem to be the focus…. and so that’s what i did focus on……


I painted someone else for this because I was absent for class. I enjoyed painting this because of the colours i chose? less earthy. im tired of earthy.


I was just messing around with my palette knife for this. I didn’t want to paint myself so I just found a way around it by just playing with the textures and colours.


I was going to say that I don’t really believe I have a spirit self? Or my spirit self is going off the deep end drowning in all the troubles or something. I’m not particularly spiritual so this was that I came up with. This is real, this is me.



Initially I just went straight at the canvas without thinking and it was a mess. There were so many styles conflicting with one another. It also looked like and alien strip club or something related to sex and vice. Amazing feedback from the class. I love experimental paintings the most. I call this the alien strip club ft. a drowning mannequin.

I planned ahead for this one!! I drew with coloured chalk at first to get the composition out. He could be a bouncer or stripper at the strip club, who knows? There were many different styles appearing at once as well, but after consulting prof and my peers i just went over it with paint stripes (on the right side). It was my first time finger painting as well, almost all of this was done with my fingers (ok make ur jokes). I will probably do something like this again in the future. It made me happy.


something to show life or death, idea of mortality.
honestly I was short of cash for a canvas so I picked the cardboard? but it would also apply to this theme because it makes not much sense to paint something with so much detail and effort on something perishable. just like life, i guess. I picked things that were more oriental – the vase, the newspaper and the chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine scale. I did intentionally use fake flowers with a price tag attached to it just to show the irony. Nothing’s really real or matters, and somehow comes with a price. Life is an ugly concept but you make it work, I guess. I also used the alcohol bottles (that were originally all mine, and that says a lot about me), to add a personal touch? I’ve always only painted alcohol and bottles. It’s weird.



(extra photos but i took this because my style seems to stay the same regardless of the medium. cool.)




Thank you prof kelly and my classmates!!!!! It has been a great semester.


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