The Internal Warp of Singapore

The Internal Warp of Singapore (內经图)

Project Purpose

Singapore’s unique existence is owned to the fusion of Western ideals and Eastern traditions. This is echoed in the quote above mentioned by the late Mr Lee Kwan Yew. 

As the heart of South East Asia, Singapore is widely known for its cultural hybridity. Her beginning as a humble fishing port was soon a matter of the past when Sir Stamford Raffles arrived. He placed Singapore within the global discourse by initiating us into the British colony. This gave us a place within the global discourse, establishing and legitimising our status in the world. 

Upon declaring independence, Singapore had (and have) great leaders leading our country. We have always had the pride for Singapore as we were developed into a first world country despite our humble beginnings. One of Singapore’s five principles of governance is “Anticipate Change and Stay Relevant”. Singapore places heavy focus on development as a bid to keep abreast with the modernising world. It has almost become an unending competition to become the most advanced country and there is a price to pay for such aims. 

Our country’s leaders have (and had) consistently maintained our development, sustaining our competitiveness in the global arena. These leaders have to navigate through a Eurocentric world with Eastern traditions, while balancing with Western ideals. Our Eastern ideals equates the interiority of man to nature. Hence, there is an anxiety that exits with regards to our fixation on recreating and manipulating our natural environment to align with European standards. This project aims to question and look into this contradiction in the context of Singapore.


Poetry Rendition


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*** all images used in this project is from open sources on the Internet
*** any resemblance to living or dead is unintentional 

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