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KIV works // – 2

        Just a few more explorations! I really like the line of Humpty Dumpty having a great fall, I feel like it could be interpreted in many ways. Also most my compositions seem to have the cross over the man’s eyes –   Crossing out one’s eyes seem to bring out a sense of shame. That helps… Read more →

KIV works // – 1

In comparison to the other ones that I have done, this appeared quite simple. I still like it though, not sure how it would flow with the rest of the works done. For this work, the composition somehow bothers me a lot. It’s so concentrated in the centre and make me uncomfortable…. This composition is confusing to me – Im… Read more →

Attempt at Anthromorphism //-

^ Example of anthropomorphism ^ “Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human form or other characteristics to beings other than humans, particularly deities and animals.” – Wikipedia Anthropomorphism could be considered similar to that of visual personification in a sense. I tried to apply this interesting theory while creating my compositions for this assignment. I did not consciously focus on morphing human… Read more →

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