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Jrny // –

After editing the newer cuts, this was the video shown in class that day. Made the ending a little longer, hope it helps to balance the video out a bit more! T’was a good time being judged in public. Special thanks to Gary/Eugene for helping me out so much! (and also being judged) Read more →

Journey // – 1

………to cleansing your mind. Password: hello   I actually have some more footage (at different places, not just at Chinatown), but because I left it in Gary’s CF card I can only show you what I had initially…… Also the voiceover is probably really bad – this is just a temporary test run since my footage isn’t complete. There would… Read more →

Attached // Detached

The Acquired Inability to get Things Right                            Imagine not knowing how to go about solving a problem and having it dwell in your life. Everyday and every moment would become a burden you carry on your back. Time starts to not make sense and you exist in… Read more →

Initial Ideas //-

           Initially I went to Prof Vladimir with these photos. I didn’t even edit the contrast or lighting. Wow. Effort. Well yeah, it’s the same idea of the awkward distance I have with my family members. I am more into the idea having a family than actually being with my family?? It’s quite a strange feeling to… Read more →

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