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WRAPPED UP FOR YOUR SAFETY accordion – zine (art card) – zine (recycled paper) – mock up zine ACCORDION VIEW BOOKLET VIEW       In the past when I was studying H3 art and art criticism, I was asked to know how artists did their work, and know who were the prominent philosophers/artist critics who strongly supported it. Granted,… Read more →

4RTSLUT / Process

CREDITS (excluding nude photos that I don’t think I’m posting here) PROCESS PHOTOS WHILST BINDING – Scoring art card of 300gsm was not a fun time (two 150gsm pages stuck together so it’d be double sided) Overlapping of pages – Slightly awkward because the paper was too thick and I panicked at the print shop and pointed at some random… Read more →


  TLDR; What is Art? What makes art good and who says it? Why is slut-shaming a thing? You do you, boo boo. Live young.     Project 3; Zine Zines were grounded initially in feminism and something sort of anti-art. Which sounded like it was up my alley. It just so happened that my friends and I were discussing… Read more →

how trash was made

Process of image transfer – using screen print medium and inverted images of the news article, I applied the medium and then the image over it and  used a hair dryer. IT started burning my paper but it wasn’t quite dry enough. Maybe leaving it in the sun would work better. The image didnt transfer as clean as I rubbed… Read more →


hello yes it is me again with the trash and being weird i can’t help it I’m sorry!!!   Actually a lot of y’all wrote me notes (thanks for the validation <3), but like, y’all were concerned as to why i put my works by the bin. I didn’t think that my works were trash, anyway. In fact, i’m kind of glad… Read more →

f i n a l

Hellu. My name is Wu You, and I ……… AM A WORK IN PROGRESS / MESS IN PROGRESS  who’s to say that a work in progress is not actually a mess in progress? well, i’m not sure either. it’s ironic, because something with a negative connotation (mess), can actually be referred to something positive (work).  Figure drawing works, scanned and… Read more →

4; Just like my mixtape….

it’s on fire.         ______________   (aka reason why you should add me on snapchat, also sorry I am aware of how low quality I am but my passion is 100% ok) Tracing paper’s cellulose surface doesn’t do well with fire as you can see how air fried it is It kinda spells my name. If you… Read more →

3; scans….?

-> crumpled paper in ink and that burnt fromage thing I did from previous posts.     I was messing around with the scanner. And had a guy (I think his name is darren) offer me agar agar (that he made) with paint on it to piak on paper. My process involves a lot of my mood so I guess… Read more →

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