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Lore // Entertainment

What would the mafia consider as entertainment? What’s happening in their local area? What are the common entertainment outlets that the people seek in Osaka Japan? Well there are a wide array of things to do. squarest watermelon growing competition hot springs to chill with people prostitution (the obvious that happens in a mafia run city) Drug addition. Heroin’s pretty… Read more →

Lore // Celebrations

Mafia can be all thug and fierce but yknw, they have celebrations too like normal people. 2 notable celebrations would be on the 4th of July and the 25th of December. (and no, its not america’s day or christmas). 4th July The Yakuza’s Meet the People sessions. Think about it as a way to reestablish the mafia’s power over the… Read more →

Lore// Maf Laws

When you say law is it supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing? Its ironic, isn’t it, that the mafia hates the law but has their own set of laws for their peeps to obey. Hilarious. Well let’s start with the obvious one that everyone knows about. When a kobun or any member of the Yakuza disobeys… Read more →

Lore III: Mafia Architecture

There’s Osaka and then there’s Kobe.   On one side, let’s talk about the Yakuza’s turf in Osaka. It is right smack in the central district where high rise buildings are the norm. They seem to extend endlessly into the depths of the skies, and they light up brilliantly at night. It’s a little bit like billboard city because bright… Read more →

Chapter 2 // LLTM

[OOC] it isn’t as much of chapter 2 than a proper continuation of chapter 1’s events. it’s like a long chapter. GOOD LUCK.   The Oyabun rises from his seat and turns to Mikoto. ” Let’s leave tonight. I’m only bringing you along. I can’t risk anyone of my men in this situation. Otto will manage the yakuza’s in the… Read more →

Lore III // Mafia and the Popo – Who’s In Charge?

Based on situations, the authority usually goes to the ones who can establish the most dominance in a setting above the others. Well, in this world, everyone’s hypercharged with abilities and intensified feelings, be it justice or hatred.   Of course, the mafia thinks they’re in charge. But of course, the police also thinks that they are in charge. Well… Read more →

Chapter 1 // LLTM

Kuroko sits in his apartment in central Osaka and sighs. The Yakuza has been a mess lately. It’s hilarious how his own men were dying because of suspicion amongst themselves causing murders out of fear. It was hard to calm a large bunch of angry mobsters down when they have caught wind of possible undercover cops that could end their… Read more →

Lore II // LLTM’s Fashion

What do mafias wear in modern times? Ye’ old suit and tie can be a little bit of a cliche in modern days, since now that we know Japan’s fashion scene is bustling with creativity. Vibrant colours, prints and different materials from tweed to silk – suits are only reserved for formal occasions.   I guess the most terrifying thing… Read more →

Lore – LLTM

Japan – the land of technological advancement, unique culture and very polite people. So what exactly is up with Japan? Due to nuclear radiation caused by the unfortunate explosion of reactors, the waters of the country was polluted. As a result, everyone in the country had streaks of mutation within them. Many of them couldn’t take it and died, but those who survived… Read more →

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