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WRAPPED UP FOR YOUR SAFETY accordion – zine (art card) – zine (recycled paper) – mock up zine ACCORDION VIEW BOOKLET VIEW       In the past when I was studying H3 art and art criticism, I was asked to know how artists did their work, and know who were the prominent philosophers/artist critics who strongly supported it. Granted,… Read more →

4RTSLUT / Process

CREDITS (excluding nude photos that I don’t think I’m posting here) PROCESS PHOTOS WHILST BINDING – Scoring art card of 300gsm was not a fun time (two 150gsm pages stuck together so it’d be double sided) Overlapping of pages – Slightly awkward because the paper was too thick and I panicked at the print shop and pointed at some random… Read more →

Lore; Long Live The Mafia

Japan – the land of technological advancement, unique culture and very polite people.   So what is up with Japan?   Due to nuclear radiation caused by the unfortunate explosion of reactors, the waters of the country was polluted. As a result, everyone in the country had streaks of mutation within them. Many of them couldn’t take it and died,… Read more →

Ego //- Process

  Bacon reference with the architectural details in the one featuring the hand. Maybe also a little bit in the style. Created the works by printing photos with my really bad printer at home (the ink smudges so easily), applying PVA glue onto a square template and over the works before painting. It allows me to create the paint peeling… Read more →

the kind of Bacon that I like

…surprisingly not the kind of bacon you find in supermarkets, even though that alone is already quite good as you may know Francis Bacon, to me, is even better? I mean, he’s not an artist who uses lines a lot but his works do evoke emotions quite prominently. To me, an artist who can portray emotions and influence you to… Read more →

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