Category: Pattern, Art, Design & Arch. 2017/18 Sem 1

motifs, swatches and .psb files

first five motifs! referencing anatomical drawings from books about corpses…. casually… at first i was not as comfortable drawing from imagination so I decided to reference bones and parts of bodies that also looked like faces or scary things. (i know, great description right?) an issue here was that I drew them with pen and with cross hatches so when… Read more →

knock on wood

“Knocking on wood used to be a way of warding off suspected impending bad luck” (my mom told me to touch wood because i was googling about ghosts all day)   Idea Development   Food Offerings Especially during the 15th day of the Ghost Month, family members put out food offerings for their ancestors or the ghostly spirits who roam. These offerings… Read more →

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