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Ego // – The End

Mixed Media; acrylic paint, collage, sewing, digital manipulation??? Overall Final (actual work after print) visit tumblr for higher resolution (OSS has its limits…..) http://zeplyth.tumblr.com/post/133717548794 From the dilemma of blaming a family member, dealing with addiction, hoping that I can face reality (see past what society/family wants me to not see to protect my innocence) and, y’know, Realising that conformity isn’t that… Read more →

Ego //- Process

  Bacon reference with the architectural details in the one featuring the hand. Maybe also a little bit in the style. Created the works by printing photos with my really bad printer at home (the ink smudges so easily), applying PVA glue onto a square template and over the works before painting. It allows me to create the paint peeling… Read more →

Ego // –

Just a heads up: This project probably got too personal. – I knew I wanted to paint once my idea was planned out. It was then crucial to push the style and application to bring out my ideas. Even the simple change of paint application (impasto/high degree of finish/smudgy) can bring out a different mood. And so I defer back to… Read more →

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