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The Internal Warp of Singapore

The Internal Warp of Singapore (內经图) Project Purpose Singapore’s unique existence is owned to the fusion of Western ideals and Eastern traditions. This is echoed in the quote above mentioned by the late Mr Lee Kwan Yew.  As the heart of South East Asia, Singapore is widely known for its cultural hybridity. Her beginning as a humble fishing port was soon a matter of the past when Sir… Read more →


WRAPPED UP FOR YOUR SAFETY accordion – zine (art card) – zine (recycled paper) – mock up zine ACCORDION VIEW BOOKLET VIEW       In the past when I was studying H3 art and art criticism, I was asked to know how artists did their work, and know who were the prominent philosophers/artist critics who strongly supported it. Granted,… Read more →

f i n a l

Hellu. My name is Wu You, and I ……… AM A WORK IN PROGRESS / MESS IN PROGRESS  who’s to say that a work in progress is not actually a mess in progress? well, i’m not sure either. it’s ironic, because something with a negative connotation (mess), can actually be referred to something positive (work).  Figure drawing works, scanned and… Read more →

Ego // – The End

Mixed Media; acrylic paint, collage, sewing, digital manipulation??? Overall Final (actual work after print) visit tumblr for higher resolution (OSS has its limits…..) http://zeplyth.tumblr.com/post/133717548794 From the dilemma of blaming a family member, dealing with addiction, hoping that I can face reality (see past what society/family wants me to not see to protect my innocence) and, y’know, Realising that conformity isn’t that… Read more →

Final // –

  My idea was to depict equality and its issues, especially in the context of USA (land of the free, you see.) Yes, we know equality exists as a concept and they seem to be trying very hard to make it work with LGBT pride parades and marriage legalisation…. but is it really that effective? The stigma remains and the… Read more →

Attached // Detached

The Acquired Inability to get Things Right                            Imagine not knowing how to go about solving a problem and having it dwell in your life. Everyday and every moment would become a burden you carry on your back. Time starts to not make sense and you exist in… Read more →

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