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WRAPPED UP FOR YOUR SAFETY accordion – zine (art card) – zine (recycled paper) – mock up zine ACCORDION VIEW BOOKLET VIEW       In the past when I was studying H3 art and art criticism, I was asked to know how artists did their work, and know who were the prominent philosophers/artist critics who strongly supported it. Granted,… Read more →


hello yes it is me again with the trash and being weird i can’t help it I’m sorry!!!   Actually a lot of y’all wrote me notes (thanks for the validation <3), but like, y’all were concerned as to why i put my works by the bin. I didn’t think that my works were trash, anyway. In fact, i’m kind of glad… Read more →

Lore // Celebrations

Mafia can be all thug and fierce but yknw, they have celebrations too like normal people. 2 notable celebrations would be on the 4th of July and the 25th of December. (and no, its not america’s day or christmas). 4th July The Yakuza’s Meet the People sessions. Think about it as a way to reestablish the mafia’s power over the… Read more →

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