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3; scans….?

-> crumpled paper in ink and that burnt fromage thing I did from previous posts.     I was messing around with the scanner. And had a guy (I think his name is darren) offer me agar agar (that he made) with paint on it to piak on paper. My process involves a lot of my mood so I guess… Read more →

2; More things

After consulting Prof Joy, there were a lot of things to work on. There’s a step between having a bunch of mess and having an artwork. It’s not all anyhow and throw paint around and calling it art. So now what I had to do was to fine-tune the effects that I liked with Chinese Ink, but try it with… Read more →

Ego //- Process

  Bacon reference with the architectural details in the one featuring the hand. Maybe also a little bit in the style. Created the works by printing photos with my really bad printer at home (the ink smudges so easily), applying PVA glue onto a square template and over the works before painting. It allows me to create the paint peeling… Read more →

hello yes glue is fun

  I really liked the line for anxious which involved the use of glue and ink, and I documented down the process of how it came to be. This was inspired by Kuangjun after seeing him making wonderful marble crackling effects with just white glue and paint! (thank you kj btw!) I just created a blob of paint, swirled it… Read more →

late night madness

it was around 3am in the 2D room when things got a little strange – let’s just say exhaustion is a great fuel for emotions to be infused into your works also that sponge was really dirty though yikes     (fun fact: this made it to the final cut of lines under spontaneous…. though that doesn’t sound very surprising)… Read more →

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