Chapter I: The Heart of Hollowfort

It is a new day for the people of Hollowfort and the townspeople have long since started their day. Walking along the streets, one could smell the rich aroma of coffee and the freshly baked pastries drifting down the streets. The machines clinked and chugged, steam floated into the sky and yells from the newspaper boy could be heard from streets away.

Unknown to the townspeople, travelers have arrived at an old, abandoned inn located near the edge of the town, towards the forested grounds. A faded sign by the front says, “Heart Inn”. An old man sits by a counter opposite an antique sofa, as if expecting company. The place is dimly-lit and in front of the counter lies a narrow passageway leading deeper into the rooms. The passageway is lined with cages of dead animals, all preserved through the art of taxidermy.

Despite its appearance, the inn seems to be overflowing with a certain sense of warmth. You walk towards the Inn, tired from travelling.