Chapter I: The Heart of Hollowfort

It is a new day for the people of Hollowfort and the townspeople have long since started their day. Walking along the streets, one could smell the rich aroma of coffee and the freshly baked pastries drifting down the streets. The machines clinked and chugged, steam floated into the sky and yells from the newspaper boy could be heard from streets away.

Unknown to the townspeople, travelers have arrived at an old, abandoned inn located near the edge of the town, towards the forested grounds. A faded sign by the front says, “Heart Inn”. An old man sits by a counter opposite an antique sofa, as if expecting company. The place is dimly-lit and in front of the counter lies a narrow passageway leading deeper into the rooms. The passageway is lined with cages of dead animals, all preserved through the art of taxidermy.

Despite its appearance, the inn seems to be overflowing with a certain sense of warmth. You walk towards the Inn, tired from travelling.

LORE I: Background

It is the year 1784, a time of industralisation and innovation. Set in the alternate universe of Earth, the world is beginning to change and improve greatly with the introduction of technology. With the inventions of technology, hard labour and slavery were no longer issues to be addressed. The story begins in a small town by the name of Hollowfort, located in the east of Britain – the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

Hollowfort is a city that believes in the art of learning the craft. It has always flourished with craft-making. Its people have divided into two factions, Pro-Industralisation and Anti-Industralisation, hereby labeled the Pros and Antis respectively. The Antis believed that the Industrial Revolution has taken their jobs away and that society has thrown them aside. They enjoyed the aristocratic system where the poor worked for the rich. The rich became richer and the poor became poorer, most of whom lived under the poverty line. The Antis were also known to be causing social unrest among the citizens by opposing the government’s policies.

The Pros believed in social equality, and they worked hard to achieve their ideal world of peace and harmony. They believe that with the technology, the people could focus on more important issues such as the disparity between the rich and the poor. They did not like the idea of slavery that the Antis supported.

The story begins at the edge of Hollowfort, in an old inn located away from the general crowd.

Hollowfort was known for its highly-skilled craftsmen, and most of its citizens fall into the following occupations.

  • Carpenter (STR+, AGI-)
    The carpenter is well-versed in the area of woodcrafting, they are able to build transport vehicles such as ships and carts. The house of Hollowfort were built by these highly skilled men. Carpenters are often seen with an axe.
  • Herbalist (INT+, STR-)
    The herbalist studies the environment and the healing properties of plants. They work closely with doctors and are approached to research on the medicinal values of newly discovered plants. They are often hired to search for missing people in the forest as they are able to navigate around well.
  • Blacksmith (STR+, INT-)
    The blacksmith is well-versed in the area of metal and its properties, they are able to craft sharp, deadly weapons quickly. Hunters often look for them to repair their weapons or to craft new ones.
  • Thief (AGI+, INT-)
    Thieves often live in the shadows. They work individually unlike the carpenters, herbalists and blacksmiths. They are often hired as spies for the high ranking aristocrats. Little is known about them.

Players will choose an occupation and assign 8 points to the following set of attributes:

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Intelligence

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