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Aesthetics of Products

From the previous lecture, we were introduced to the 3 factors that influence the aesthetics(form) of a product. The factors are Function, Human Factors & Emotion.

I will be sharing 3 products that show dominance in each factor in this post.


A functional based product will be straightforward about its function so users will be be able to use it intuitively.

This product is Happy Bowl from an online store named ezpz, designed by Brad, one of their team member. This product is made of silicone and specially created for toddlers (>6 months).

I chose this product to illustrate function-dominance aesthetic as it is simple in showing the function. The main intention of this design is to allow easy cleaning after the toddler is done with their meal. The suction of the silicone mat will not allow tippling of bowl and also captures any food that are dropped outside the bowl.



Human factor based products are designed with priorities on the interaction of human and the product itself, hence focusing on comfort of users during use. Usually this will also be known as ergonomics. One of the common product that is greatly influenced by this factor will be computer mouse.

Also, designs that are specially for human with specific requirements (such as infants, elderly or handicapped community) also falls under the influence of this factor.

This product is Leaven Jug, designed by a British Product Designer, Simon Kinneir. Leaven Jug is part of the series of kitchen products that are designed specifically for visually impaired users.

This product enable visually impaired users to know when the jug is full by touching the frame of the jug. The jug is slanted and as the jug is filled, the center of gravity will shift and causing the frame to tip forward, hence cueing the user that the jug is full.



Emotion based product focuses on giving a specific personality to the product or show certain mood to users. This type of products will attract the users who prefers the specific spirit of the product.

This product is Juice Bruce, designed by Yaacov Kaufman. A wooden citrus juicer with an unique look.

The blockish juicer with a emotionless expression gives users a rather adorable feel and it will definitely attract users of different age groups too, especially children and ladies. Simply a product that will be too cute to handle and definitely bring smiles to users just by looking at it. On top of its function, it is good to be just a decoration in the house too.







  1. Interesting choice of products for each! You do need to have to translate the nodes of influence concepts to other products such as kettles and power tools, etc., as well.