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Personal Favourite from Past Ilight Installations

Sustainability to me can be applicable to many different topics, culture, environment or even economy. I actually feel that there are a greater concern over sustainable environment especially with all the “global warming alert” and “rising sea level” claims bombarding the people in recent decade.

Many of the environment-related campaigns spreads the idea of each of us playing our part but truthfully, even myself, thinks that our effort is negligible and the unseen results does not justify the extra effort we take. Hence, i feel that it will be interesting to make people realise that this mindset is wrong and everyone, every effort made, are counted and will eventually equate to a bigger impact.

I’ve attended Ilight 2017 and I would say that experiencing the installation at the venue is really different from just seeing from pictures. Many of the details of the installation can’t be captured in the picture and also, the bigger picture cannot be captured too. How each installation stands against the urban jungle of Marina Bay area is definitely worth immersing in too.

HYBYCOZO –  Yelena Filipchuk (USA) and Serge Beaulieu (Canada)

This artwork was located near the start of the Ilight route that I’ve taken. The intricacy of these forms attracted me from far. It exude a tinge of grace from its polyhedral form. The interplay between the light and shadow is really beautiful and definitely stands out from the backdrop of urban jungle. Moreover, they were located beside the water body so it also added another sense of calmness together with the night breeze. These shapes are not only beautiful at night, they are also as beautiful in the day time as the details of it is very intriguing to viewers.

Kaleidoscopic Monolith – SUTD & OSRAM Lighting Solutions

This installation had a sense of dynamism to it as the reflection on the sculpture is everchanging, according to the surrounding. When it’s lit up at night, reflection of the people around it can be seen very clearing too. Each facet plays an important role in this sculpture. I’ve tried to touch the bulb and i can see many reflections of my hand coming together which is pretty interesting. I like how this sculpture looks dynamic even though it’s static.