in Assignment Wk 5

[Reflection] Future World @ Art Science Museum

This exhibition is one that caters to audience of different age groups and especially interesting due to the interactive element to the whole exhibition.

The exhibition is divided into 4 parts: Nature, Town, Park & Space. Each part has its uniqueness. Personally, i really love the immersiveness of the installations at Nature and Space.

The use of visualization to let audience immerse in the environment was really successful. The light show that we went for was really amazing and mind-blowing. I really enjoyed the shift of mood from the light show to the soothing calm water visualisation. Just when we exit the light show and we were thrown into a view of serenity.

Both sections are focusing a lot more on interaction with audience. Also more of, play and fun. I really enjoyed the part that we get to colour and make our work appear on the screen by scanning. Also, the act of interacting with the screen to create certain change was captivating too!

This is one of the most memorable section due to the visual impact that it brings to audience. TeamLab had really captivated the whole essence of “Crystal Universe” with this installation. The combination of sound effect together with the light changes was seamless and made the installation even more impactful. The inclusion of a method for audience to add “planets” to the universe was quite interesting. Audience on the outside add planets to the universe and create a different experience for the audience who are still in the universe.

From this exhibition, i realized that with so many similar lights installation around, the only way to leave a deep impression on the audience will be to create a strong visual impact on the audience. The inclusion of interactive element is value-adding but it might not capture all the audience as some of them might not know that it’s interactive. Hence, for ILight proposal, focusing on visual impact will be a great way to leave an impression on audience and adding on interactive elements will be just nice to let the audience experience installation in another way.