[Response] Interactive Environment and Experience Design

Timothy Nohe was invited to class to share about his experience and his project on “Light City”. His project was very interesting, how it can be adaptable to different input system (music box; tablet). He showed us how a different input system allows many different types of styles to be created and how the target audience can be different too.

It was nice of him to bring his project to our class to give a demonstration to us too. Initially, I felt that the whole set up was quite intimidating as they were objects that seems to be for professionals. Some of my classmate went up to try out the installation and it seems like they really enjoyed it. From the different music that they are making, we as audience are also enjoying the visual music which were the “Electron Drawing” on the little screen.

Timothy Nohe also shared very useful insights to us on doing installation, what we should look out for and what do we really need to be mindful about. Weather surrounding environment etc.