2D Assignment Research : Learning the Arttitude


*You are about to read the research done be Hong Li Peng for an Art assignment. Yes, Li Peng and research was used in the same sentence, there is nothing wrong with your eyes.  The following contains mostly personal opinion and some research written in poor English. You have been warned. And Joy.

I don’t really know much artist. As mentioned before, I have no art background and know little to no artist. Getting inspiration from artist is not a way of learning I personally favor. I have seen many people try out techniques from other artist and the result just looks like their inspiration. That has always been a concern of mine. Inspiration is by no means a bad thing, but many people get lost and instead of using the idea to create something new, they just end up just replicating the art work. People who look at it will say “Nice use of XXX technique” or ” Looks like a work from XXX”. What I want to hear is “How did you do this?”.

The artist I researched on is Leonardo Da Vinci.


This man inspired my works in a way, such that they are all made by lots of experimenting.

This man was amazing, he very talented not just in Art, but science, engineering and just about everything. He give me a work to replicate, but I learnt his ability to learn. Leonardo observed and questioned everything, anything that confused him didn’t leave him shocked, but left him with a thirst to find the answer.


And this was what I learnt from him. I observed how my line creating different prints every-time. I questioned why. I tested my hypothesis. And I came to an answer. (Read RPG post for full write-up).

This was inspiration to me. The attitude of how he carried out his works.

And Codex Atlanticus a collection of all his works. It was his attitude that made him a man way ahead of his time.


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