Inspirations for 4D assignment


My main inspiration for the 4D project will most likely not be my final product, but the idea is there. This is the animations for the different summons from a GameBoy Advance game called Goldensun: The Lost Age.

When I first played this game in 2006, the animations were visually stunning and nothing more. As a kid nothing mattered more then having the game you play look cool. After all these years and learning more about the world, the animations are no longer just appealing visually, but it shows how much work and heart was put into the game. Each summon in the game is beautifully crafted, the developers definitely put a lot of work making sure it looked good down to every last pixel. I hope to be able to put as much work into my 4D assignment.

Below are the spells for the game, which also look equally as badass.

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