CCA Reflection: See what see?


Recently, my class was went to the Nanyang Technological University Center for Contemporary Art (CCA). This was the my second time there as I also visited the CCA during my first semester in university. Both times I went there, it was because my enthusiastic professor suggested the idea and brought the class there.. It was a decently good suggestion.

Contemporary art gets a lot of hate. I can understand why. It is not for everyone. Whatever was on display during the entire exhibition of Joan Jonas : They come to us without a word, I was pretty lost. The works were abstract and definitely very weird. Things didn’t make sense. But so do a lot of other things we see outside of this building. A lot of people hate contemporary art because they do not understand it. They think the idiot who made all this shit is just weird fool. They think the whole exhibit is a waste of space. They think that anybody who views this shit is wasting their time. They are wasting their own time. The moment they see it as weird, they shut off and let their hatred take over. Blinded by this they proceed to just walk past everything. I didn’t understand the entire exhibit, but since I was there, I tried to make sense of it. There were some rather interesting ideas around, some pretty nice paintings. The visual performances were mostly weird and very hard to understand as a whole, but they did include some pretty cool ideas in them. The exhibit was pretty okay.

The last bit of the trip to the CCA was a talk on Chinese beliefs on after life and some other stuff. (I cant really recall, since i was asleep for the first 30 mins). But it was rather interesting for me. From what I gathered, the talk was mostly about ghost and spirits. Like how the ghost and zombies are exorcised in Chinese culture. There were small bits on Chinese gods and mythological beings as well. (I think) And some other stuff. (I can’t remember) For the most part, It was quite interesting as I do have interest in myths. So the talk was not all that bad.

Overall, the trip was not bad. I got to learn some stuff.



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