Final Turn!


*Warning! You are about to read the visual journal of the Hong Li Peng. All the contents of this post are true. The amount of content in this post might be slightly longer as the author has decided to have a 3 in 1 package deal, you will never find another better deal Ina singapore. And Joy.


This is the last 2D project for semester 1. The project focused on us as individuals and we were made up of. It focused on focused on 4 main parts of ourselves, with 2 other images that are the contribute to that component.

Me. Which is who we are.

A better Me. Which is how we can improve ourselves.

An Ideal Me. How we envision our perfect form to be.

Me in 5 years. Where we see ourselves in the future.

With a total of 12 images that seemingly can be done in anyway, I started on my concept. The idea was that we are shaped based on the environment and the people we meet in our lives. How others act, react, speak, eat and everything we notice around us. All of this, including how we react to them shape who we are. So for this project I decided to leave the hands of the 8 drawings that make up who I am to the people who shaped my life. My family members and my friends.

Starting with the components of Me.

006 (2)

This drawing was done by a close secondary school friend. We have been in the same class from secondary school to JC and now both study in NTU. This drawing of his resembles him a lot, like a Sun Wu Kong, he is immortal and resistant to many things. Though is also very stubborn… I believe I have learnt from him how to persevere and keep moving despite any hardships.

010 (2)

Next, was a drawing by Lynette my little sister. Honestly, is very hard for me to decipher. But the house is probably the HDB which my family lives in.This was also how she changed me when she was born. She brought me the joy of enjoying time with my family, which I didn’t do much of that before her birth. She changed a lot in me and made me look forward to having a family of my own in the future.

011 (2)

This is me. Look past the family and the strength to persevere. Drawing was a huge part of me. I would doodle everywhere on my school work. There are even some on my notes to help me remember stuff. But drawing was what kept my imagination and creativity going. It was also the start of me finding the answer to the question, ” How can I share this idea in my head with someone else?”.


This was drawn by another close friend of mine, which I got to know in JC. He is also an ADM student in NTU. He was sort of a turning point in my life. In my years before JC, the arts was always just a past time, it was never ever considered to be a career, But he inspired me to go down that path. I wouldn’t be in ADM or anything art related if it wasn’t for him. The drawing he did is our avatars in a video game working together to defeat a boss. The fun we had, the games we played and his influence on me to go towards animation.

002 (2)

Next is done by another close JC friend. He drew me a frisbee, which honestly looks like a CD. But he guided me a lot on the physical and emotional side of things. He was a lot older then me so he was quite experienced in the field of romantic relationships and told me a lot of his stories. He was also a very fit person despite having various health problems. He is like a brother and mentor to me, always guiding me along. And with his help I have improved a lot.

012 (2)

A better Me. This was Me was shaped during my JC days, with 2 close friends that guided me in that direction. I changed a lot during my JC days and these 2 friends really helped me. The better me hopes to keep to my values and continue doing what I love. Hopefully, I can be more courageous and present in front of an audience in shorts and slippers. (Eventually)

015 (2)009 (2)

The next two drawings were made by my twin sisters. Being in the youngest two in the family, they have the easiest life. Same as my other sister, they brought a lot of fun and joy to the family. Which was when I decided if one day I will be able to give fun and joy to others. This gave me an answer to the question above “How can I share this idea in my head with someone else?”.

013 (2)

Games. The Ideal Me was to be a game developer. I have always loved video games since young. In JC this became an possible career choice. My sisters helped my confirm the choice. To me, I have always wondered how can I ever share my ideas with the world. A game would immerse people in to a world and have they play according to it’s rules. It could bring people into my world, see how I see things. A book leaves the world to the readers imagination. A film doesn’t give you the freedom to explore the world. These are the things only a video game can give. This drawing is of a visitor pass to E3, a annual electronics fair for video games. The Ideal me would wish to take part in it every year.


This was not one of the drawing papers passed to me sister to draw. But it does represent what I want in 5 years time. Which is a happy family and a happy home. There are quite a few family problems going on which has resulted in some trouble internally. I wish for them to be resolved in the near future.

008 (2)

This was drawn by my younger sister. She takes product design in polytechnic. She draws very well. I hope that in 5 years time we can get the chance to work together in ADM. I also hope that she can be more confident in her drawings in the future, just like these that she gave me.

014 (2)

Lastly, Me in 5 years. I hope that me name will be heard and spoken around the world. Having a chinese based name always made it quite hard for people to remember my name. So one of my greatest wish is for myself to be remembered by everyone. I want everyone to know me. Hopefully, I do so by being a famous game developer and my name will never be forgotten.


The HoldUp: An Unexpected Problem.


*There will be no warning. As this is unexpected.


OWL V1,0,1A 2OWL V2,0,0A 2 OWL V4,0,4C 2

Currently, There are the only 3 compositions I could upload after compressing the file size down. The others are relatively small as well, but currently they still do not fit the 3MB limit. The quality of the photos might have decreased as well due to the compressing…

Lord of the Rhymes: The Hardships of the Rhyme


*WARNING! You are about to read a post made by The Hong Li Peng. The lack of mastery in English will make you question how the author made it to a university. This online journal contains the visual works of the author as well as his thoughts when he made them. See you Ina class, if you belong to G6.


“Three rhymes for G6 Students to choose from,

Seven days a week was clearly not enough,

Nine weeks have past since their journey began,

One deadline never changes,

In ADM, where their future lies.

One Rhyme to stress them all, One Rhyme to train them,

One Rhyme for them to submit and Ina room, grade them

In ADM, where their future lies.”

-Lord of the Rhymes, Hong Li Peng


The second 2D assignment was rhymes.

The goal was to create 4 compositions based on the 3 rhymes given.

Humpty Dumpty, Marry had a little Lamb, Old Women.

The each of the four compositions would be tagged with a part of the rhyme they were based on. New lines for the Rhymes could be created if the creator chooses to do so.

Each composition was to be made up of images we found on the internet. The work was basically meant to be abstract. Therefore, any image could be used. You didnt have to use eggs for Humpty Dumpty nor use lamb for Marry had a little lamb. It was up to the creator to decide on what he wanted to do.

For my project, I decided to focus on the Rhyme Old Women.

“There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.
She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do;
She gave them some broth without any bread;
Then whipped them all soundly and put them to bed.”

Unlike Humpty Dumpty and Mary had a little lamb, there wasn’t much of a story to old women. It honestly sounded more like a description of what she does everyday. So I decided to expand the rhyme and built on was already given.

I focused on what the life of the old women would be like as she followed the children as they grew up, all the way till she passed on. So I began searching for images.

* I will only select a handful of images, because there were too many . But if you do wish to view all of them they should be in the gallery or something.



Scary Girl 8




The idea of time passing and the children growing older. I selected a lot of images or babies, to children and adults.

There are a lot of images, because of the way method I used to edit the photos. Threshold.


Once a nice image, but Threshold doesnt work well on all

Old Man on Baby

Old man Baby

IMG_2991 (1)

halloween__sulley-girl-deluxe-costume SCARY GIRL 3




As you can see, Threshold is quite unpredictable. I ended up with a lot of images because of this reason. The initial image i get could be really nice, but once I started to applying threshold to the image and playing around with the values. There was just no right value where the image was clear enough. It does look abstract, but I wasn’t what i was looking for.

The other thing threshold value. As seen from the images above, threshold can result in really cool effects. Good and evil. Young and old. So most of the images started out with end up with about 2-3 threshold versions.

redfoxprint02mexican gray wolf_ Nagel Photography_shutterstock 3 face_eyes_lion_fur_mane_85403_3840x2160 2

The next set of images looked for was animal heads as I wanted to try out anthropomorphism. It was sort of mixing humans with animals to create some cool and weird compositions. But I didn’t really want to make it random, I wanted it to have more or a meaning. Like the fox and the wolf. The fox is a cunning animal, which will represent the sly and cunning people in the family of the old women. The wolf treasures family, which would be the more loyal and filial children. The Lion represented more of a leader role. All of these will be elaborated on a future post.

Picking out the images took a long time, but it was a fun process. Thinking of how the Old Women’s story would play out if the rhyme continued all the way till her death was challenging. It opened up many possibilities, some of which were scrapped due to time constrains.







2D Assignment Research : Learning the Arttitude


*You are about to read the research done be Hong Li Peng for an Art assignment. Yes, Li Peng and research was used in the same sentence, there is nothing wrong with your eyes.  The following contains mostly personal opinion and some research written in poor English. You have been warned. And Joy.

I don’t really know much artist. As mentioned before, I have no art background and know little to no artist. Getting inspiration from artist is not a way of learning I personally favor. I have seen many people try out techniques from other artist and the result just looks like their inspiration. That has always been a concern of mine. Inspiration is by no means a bad thing, but many people get lost and instead of using the idea to create something new, they just end up just replicating the art work. People who look at it will say “Nice use of XXX technique” or ” Looks like a work from XXX”. What I want to hear is “How did you do this?”.

The artist I researched on is Leonardo Da Vinci.


This man inspired my works in a way, such that they are all made by lots of experimenting.

This man was amazing, he very talented not just in Art, but science, engineering and just about everything. He give me a work to replicate, but I learnt his ability to learn. Leonardo observed and questioned everything, anything that confused him didn’t leave him shocked, but left him with a thirst to find the answer.


And this was what I learnt from him. I observed how my line creating different prints every-time. I questioned why. I tested my hypothesis. And I came to an answer. (Read RPG post for full write-up).

This was inspiration to me. The attitude of how he carried out his works.

And Codex Atlanticus a collection of all his works. It was his attitude that made him a man way ahead of his time.


2D Final Assignment : The Product.


*You are about to look at the final product submitted by Hong Li Peng. Plasters will be given out by the nearest Hong Li Peng as a way to compensate you for the damage you received from reading his horrible use of the English language. This is the final work after a few weeks. As usual, It will contain the authors works and thoughts. And Joy.


18 ways of Subduing Paper

It took a while to finish it, but the first 2D assignment is finally over.

I will go over each of the lines created briefly and the reasons behind the emotion it represents.

Starting with the 4 on the top left hand side. Also known as the Beginning of Many Ideas. (BMI)



First is anxious. Kind of like how I felt at the start. Having no art background, the first assignment was abit scary. So I was uneasy, nervous about the start. This is represented by the Father-like stare in the work, like when you do something wrong as a kid, you start to feel a bit nervous and scared of what your dad would do to you.


Next, was sloven. Messy and untidy. That is  how stuff usually begins. With not knowledge of what is necessary and how to go about doing the assignment, things tend to fly everywhere. This is shown by the crumpled paper. The messy crumpled paper lying around a room. It also represents the start of a project as artist crumple up bad ideas and throw them around.



Awkward represents how I worked at the start. My methods were very weird compared to other people, very abnormal to them. This is represented by sort of a flower like thing. The awkward moment when you want to give a flower to someone and both of you just stare at each other.



Systematic, the end of the BMI and more a more comfortable way for me to work. It is representative of how I work, very logical, everything is sort of planned and calculated. Things do mess up here and there, but I can always calm myself and re-analyse the situation in a logical and orderly fashion. Represented by the towers. Works of not just art, but engineering and architecture. These are shown side ways as well, to represent that even things can go wrong and crumble.


Next is the 5 on the top right board, containing the many experiments during first few weeks. This board was named Trying Methods , No Time. (TMNT)


First of the TMNT is distracted. This is normal for everyone, it gets hard to concentrate on work after a while. For me the main distraction during this time was actually television. I wanted to go home to watch TV, so I kept looking at my watch. This is represented by a sort of a day dream. To me it looks like a martial artist practicing against the waves and other elements. Like me, who wanted to go home and watch my TV show, which happens to be related to martial arts. Distracted….


Following Distracted was Turbulent. Which as I mentioned in my other post was the path I decided to take. Sticking to my rules and wanting to make something new. It was was followed by many random and abnormal decisions, but ultimately produced pretty good results. This is represented by spirals, making the confused face cartoon characters have when they are dizzy.


Indecisive is represented by vines tangling all over the place, unsure of where to go. This was how I felt around that time. I couldn’t make up my mine on which artist to research on or whether I should seek inspiration or strike out on my own.

(The past few post state my answer.)



I felt this a little bit when I see other people’s works. Embarrassed of my own work. Everyone had amazing ideas and so many inspirations. It was hard to show them what I had made. This is represented my many many tangled vines, each trying to hid behind another.



Last of the TMNT is fragile. Towards the end of the middle period, I realized how weak my worries were. It wasn’t like me at all. After seeing the results of my work, I had confident that my worries during this period were unnecessary and can be shattered and thrown aside easily.

Next Up is the 5 on the bottom left. The board contains works from the end-phase. Given the name of Every Real Print. (ERP)



First of the bunch was spontaneous. Like the ideas that kept appearing in my head, I was full of energy and strength t carry all of them out. Represented by a wave, suddenly splashing outwards.



Exhausted everyday. Trying out new Ideas was both physically and mentally demanding, but rewards you with an amazing feeling of accomplishment afterwards. This is represented by a dragon, things I dream about when I sleep well after a tiring week. Dragons usually guard treasure, If one succeeds to overcome their challenge



Next up was aggressive. Not all experiments end happily. There are many failures that did leave me frustrated and quite angry. I kinda wanted to throw the chair at someone, sometimes… Represented by a focus point with cracks. much like the marks when you punch glass out of anger.



Nonsensical. What people think I am doing most of the time. It doesn’t make sense to them. But as the line shows, my work is actually pretty will thought out.

Enjoying the music with the other students working on the same 2D assignment. It is good to know that there are other around even though you don’t see them, sometimes hearing them is enough assurance. Represented by the lines. The space between them vary in intensity, some lines may not clearly see others, but they know they are still there.

Lastly, at the bottom right. The final board. Also known as the Angelic Series. Made at the very end of the project.


Starting with sensual. I see a sort of angel knight, with the black like a shadow over his face and a lady by his side. Representing a sort of lust and love moment.


After that is ambiguous.The unknown. For me I see the skulls, representing souls, ready to feast upon the new dead coming to join them. The mysteries of the underworld.


Psychotic. The crazy, like a tower of souls spiraling upwards to form a tree of demonic energy.


DSC_0923Lastly bizarre. Lots of stuff going on, but the photo quality is bad. This line is filled with demons, skulls and human faces. Almost like the mid point between the earth and the hell. A truly strange scene.

And that wraps up my 18 lines and how I chose the emotions for them. I apologize for the image quality or you can feel sorry for me, cause it really doesn’t do the work justice.

But over all this was a fun an challenging project. I had a lot of fun experimenting ideas, the process of creating them was just really enjoyable. My only regret was my time management and my final product. I wasn’t feeling well on the day before submission, so I couldn’t redo a lot of the lines. Most of them were first prints of an idea, so they weren’t very organised or fully explored. This was due to my time management as well, I shouldn’t have push some things towards the end, the final was good, but not up to the standards I wanted.

2D Visual Journal: Random Print Generator


*You are about to read THE visual journal of Hong Li Peng. The author is no longer apologetic about his bad English as he has gotten over it. This journal documents the works of the author as well as his thought processes throughout the journey. As a bonus, there is a video, completely free of charge. And Joy.

This was during the week of submission, not a lot of stress as I was actually enjoying the process. With close to infinite paper, I could keep experimenting new ideas, constantly thinking made the journey to the end pretty fun.

I wanted to experiment more with the paper…


Rolls from the top

A friend of mine was trying to make circle shapes, so it kind of influenced me to try making circles as well. This idea was pretty simple. i just rolled up a a paper towel. The effect was so-so, I was expecting it look a lot better.

Then I tried this with one of my favorite ideas, the rolling of the paper towel to make vines…


Spirals the sucked up time

This was harder then it looks… The paper towels do not stay rolled up and after using for 4 -5 times a new one had to be used as the old one had already too much ink on it for the texture to be clear. But it was a turned out very well. The spirals were very unique and created kind of a galaxy like effect.

Now to the main topic of this post. The Random Print Generator.

This is a link to the video mentioned in the opening. Do not worry, there are no Ads.

*Just a video to show the process. This is the only printing process I recorded, but for majority of my paper prints the technique was the same. The paper was just too thick to go into the mono-printing machine provided in the 2D room. So most of the time I had to use a chair. It was more fun that way though.

This was how the RPG all began…


Contrast Test 1


Contrast Test 2

This was the initial idea.

I was trying to make a slip for the 2D assignment, one that would show the difference between a twisted up paper towel and a twisted up A3 paper. As I suspected, they were very different indeed as one was soft and the other was hard. But what caught my attention after trying to get a better print was that the A3 paper never made the same mark. The mark was similar, but never completely the same. Same same but different.

So I got to trying more of it and these are the results…


All Together

DSC_0763 DSC_0765 DSC_0771 DSC_0775DSC_0778 DSC_0780 DSC_0782 DSC_0783 DSC_0779

The photos I do don’t really do these prints justice. They have way too many details in them.

All these prints are completely random, but that is what makes them so interesting. This was due to the thickness of the A3 twisted papers and how I mono-print. I used a chair, each time I pushed down on the paper was a different location and a different force. The A3 would act accordingly. It was thicker and more resistant then the paper towels. The paper towels would stick to the ink after one press, But not the A3s, they would sort of bounce back up. And as my force and direction varied, so did marks they left on the ink board. This created these extremely random prints.

These are some of my favorite prints. Below are some of the interesting things I found on them.


Some sort of standing hippo


A Dragon

These were just some of the things I picked up. I will cover more of them when in my final assignment. But the Random Print Generator didn’t fail me. Lucky me.

2D Visual Journal : The Final Stretch


* You are reading THE visual journal of THE Hong Li Peng. The content below contains really horrible use of the English language. The author will take no responsibilities if you experience vomiting, diarrhea, constipation or “Blinded by pure awesomeness” – Po, Kung Fu Panda. The as you scroll down you will lay eyes on art works and the thoughts of the author. And Joy.


This was the final stretch, the assignment was due in about a 2 weeks time. So it was time to speed up the experiments and prints.

Here goes everything…


The first test.

The first thing on my new list of experiments was to see the effect of folded paper. My aim was to fold the paper, unfold in back to its original shape, then use it to mono-print. The one above was done by crumpling the paper completely. It turned out not bad.


More Testing


More Testing (NEG)

This was the folding I mentioned earlier. Crumpling was kind of towards the extreme ends, so I just did a few folds. The result was not bad, but I wanted to experiment more.


Even More Testing


Even More Testing (Neg)

So I folded even more. This gave me a pretty good idea of what the folded paper creates. The lines made by the folds have a sort of cracking effect, but not as wild as cracks on walls, they were more linear. The contrast was pretty good on the darker ones too.These results were good, they gave me more ideas for mono-printing.

So I prepared for a good print…


Dark and Light


Dark and Light (rotated)

I staged this print pretty well. Folding the paper from one end to the other produced nice results, but there was a size limit for the final product for the 2D lines assignment. So I controlled the folding, varying them in shape. The negative and positive, light and dark was actually made because I was feeling lazy. Doing small folds was hard, I had to make sure they didn’t affect previous fold marks and vary the length. I had to redo this a lot of times. So I thought of doing a mirror image, Just fold half, cause I was lazy. And this was the result. The negative and positive print both placed on one piece of paper. Half of the paper going on the board first, clearing the black paint, then the other half went on to pick up the lighter remains. The result was pretty darn good.

So I continued my experiments.


Focus Point (Pos)


Focus Point (Neg)

The one point focus. I thought about how to fill up the aggression emotion for the assignment. First I thought of punching paper and the getting the creases. But the paper tore instead. So I thought of how to make a similar effect and I came up with this. I placed a black paper on a water bottle, then just used the paper to wrap around the bottle. The point which was on the cap remained mostly untouched. Thus creating this effect, It managed to succeed in one try. One of my favorites,


Multiple Focus (Pos)


Multiple Focus (Neg)


DSC_0859So I decided to try and see how many more focus points I could fit on a paper. Sadly they didn’t turn out the way i imagined. The folds at the side kept interfering with each other, most of them even affected the focus points. This destroyed the whole point of having a focus point, so I had to conclude this experiment with it being a failure. Though one point focus works.

To Be Continued…..

2D Visual Journal : Isn’t it more fun that way?



*You are reading THE visual Journal of Hong Li Peng. This journal might contain so many errors in grammar and spelling that it will make you feel like a genius. This journal also documents the authors artworks and thought process on how they were created. And Joy.

For the 3rd lesson on 2D, I was faced with a difficult question that was asked by Prof Ina.

Who inspired my work?

That really caught me by surprise, cause it was needed for our visual journal and I didn’t know much artist, arguably i didn’t know any artist. For someone who came from JC with close to zero art background, this was a challenge. Apart from Leonardo Da Vinci, who I admire for his works that are not art related, the only artist i possibly knew were Mangakas or the few artist the class had to present on during our first lesson.

So I was kind of stuck, wondering how I was gonna make the prints I had made a few weeks ago, related to some random famous artist that i didn’t know or would come to know, if I googled hard enough.

Then I gave up. Looking for an Artist to give me inspiration was hard, but what was harder was doing something that didn’t feel like me. What kind of artist would I be if my work didn’t feel like mine?

So I stuck with my plan, use only paper, and my own will to explore and experiment, and possibly create something new. (All by mono-printing).

So I started working…


Beautiful stuff

This was inspired by my previous work of the rose. I was wondering what else I could come up with. So I thought of stuff similar to the water lilies in a pond. So I twisted the paper towels but left a bit open towards the top. I had a mental image of what it would look like, and it came very close to what I wanted.

Next I wanted to create something more random…


No idea what this is…

This was also kind of inspired by my rose print. I wanted to create a similar effect by creating a cone with A3 paper, then crush it from top down. It didn’t crush straight down, but started slanting to a side towards the end. This is see by the concentrated patterns towards the top of the print, and less of it at the bottom of the print. It kind of looked like a bunch of weird ice cubes to me. Although it didn’t create the result I wanted, It did make something random and unexpected that still looked decent.

Then I tried out the lilies idea again, but with more twist at the end…



Inspired by vines, i proceeded to twist more paper towels, but all the way through. I got this idea from how i would twist tissue paper last time to stuff up my nose whenever it bled.



And it worked. It was what I had seen in my head. It was really nice and pretty. Like random vines, with their turning and twisting.

So I tried to combine some ideas…


Looks better in real life

This was a combination of 2 ideas, the rose (Again…) and the vines. The twisted rolls were kept straight this time and i placed the rose in the center. I did this twice, but both effects were not very clear. It was still a decent print, but the thickness of the combined paper towels might have been too thick to be effectively printed.

These were what I came up with. I’m not sure if anyone else out there has done this. But I can tell myself that i worked these ideas out, inspired by the usual things the happen around me. (Though you can argue that mono-printing was thought to me, but lets not go there…)

Think. Try. Create. Cause… Isn’t it more fun that way?

I’ll end this with a quote I learnt from a TV show

“Every martial art in the world was created by someone, So why cant i create my own martial arts” – Some guy from a TV Show.



2D Visual Journal : The First Step.


*You are reading THE Visual Journal for 2D of Hong Li Peng. The language might be bad, the grammar might be worse then your grandma. BUT. It is a journal, that documents not only the writers works, but his thoughts, cause you cant read his mind, so he has decided to spend time typing it out for you to read.

and Joy.

The first assignment for Class G6.

“A line is a dot that went for a walk”.

Create 18 lines that give the feel of the 18 emotions given. That sounded pretty hard at first during the first lesson… Cause I thought everything had to be hand drawn. I also thought every thing had to be lines. I also thought that it had to embrace our emotions… Like draw it without thinking…Letting your emotions move your hand, with each stroke of the pen empowered with whatever you were feeling at the time.

And so after the first lesson… I tried… I really tried…


First try at letting my emotion take over…

I honestly tried… But I had no idea what i was doing… At first I waved the pen around randomly and stuff started to happen. However, the only emotion i felt was probably frustration. And to get rid of that, I just started doodling…

So i tried again…


2nd Attempt

I realized after the first attempt that not thinking was not possible. So I decided to take control and draw out the lines, just wondering how each line would look like if you had been feeling those emotions. I apologize for not completing it… I got lazy halfway… or one-third the way.


Absolute Crap.

I agree with Prof Ina. This was absolute garbage. It belongs in art hell. Arguably it could beat Sartan and reign supreme there, but we wont dwell too much into that.

Then on the 2nd 2D lesson, the class was introduced to mono-printing. Its a technique to get the texture out of objects, by pressing them onto a board with black ink spread on it. We were told to bring stuff to try mono-printing. Most people bought leaves from the nearby convenient ground. I stole my sisters ball of yarn. But Prof Ina bought loads of stuff for everyone to try out.


First print, with a string of yarn

So I made my first print…

It was cool. but it just looked normal to me… But something did catch my eye, which was the small strands of yarn. like those loose strands that appear when yarn meets velcro.

I liked those details. I liked the idea. So I set my target and goal for the line assignment. ( Which we found out that it can be anything). I was gonna bring out not just the texture of the object I was using, but create lines based on what makes it unique. Just like the loose strands for strings. Its something unique to that object. And that object was paper. I had almost infinite paper in the 2D room. No on else was using it. So I rolled with the paper towel roll.


Paper Roll

So I experimented. First by rolling up paper. I got the idea from brochures. When you walk by a shopping mall and people give you brochures, I liked to roll them up and swing them around, as you swing they get loose and create this sort of tower spiral thingy.


Paper Rose (Its not a cabbage)

I got this idea from a rose, no surprise there. The fun part was thinking how to make this effect. (No Video sadly). But it had to be an sort of alternate layer effect instead of random crumpling. I had to try a few times before i got the look I wanted.



And I ended the day with one last string print. For old times sake. I didn’t realize that it looked like blood vessels till people pointed it out. Adds to the Awesomeness.

So that concluded the first mono-print session. I had fun. I could see myself trying out so many different ways of playing with paper and making so many more prints, I looked forward to doing it more.

Sorry for the long post. No potato either