Final Turn!


*Warning! You are about to read the visual journal of the Hong Li Peng. All the contents of this post are true. The amount of content in this post might be slightly longer as the author has decided to have a 3 in 1 package deal, you will never find another better deal Ina singapore. And Joy.


This is the last 2D project for semester 1. The project focused on us as individuals and we were made up of. It focused on focused on 4 main parts of ourselves, with 2 other images that are the contribute to that component.

Me. Which is who we are.

A better Me. Which is how we can improve ourselves.

An Ideal Me. How we envision our perfect form to be.

Me in 5 years. Where we see ourselves in the future.

With a total of 12 images that seemingly can be done in anyway, I started on my concept. The idea was that we are shaped based on the environment and the people we meet in our lives. How others act, react, speak, eat and everything we notice around us. All of this, including how we react to them shape who we are. So for this project I decided to leave the hands of the 8 drawings that make up who I am to the people who shaped my life. My family members and my friends.

Starting with the components of Me.

006 (2)

This drawing was done by a close secondary school friend. We have been in the same class from secondary school to JC and now both study in NTU. This drawing of his resembles him a lot, like a Sun Wu Kong, he is immortal and resistant to many things. Though is also very stubborn… I believe I have learnt from him how to persevere and keep moving despite any hardships.

010 (2)

Next, was a drawing by Lynette my little sister. Honestly, is very hard for me to decipher. But the house is probably the HDB which my family lives in.This was also how she changed me when she was born. She brought me the joy of enjoying time with my family, which I didn’t do much of that before her birth. She changed a lot in me and made me look forward to having a family of my own in the future.

011 (2)

This is me. Look past the family and the strength to persevere. Drawing was a huge part of me. I would doodle everywhere on my school work. There are even some on my notes to help me remember stuff. But drawing was what kept my imagination and creativity going. It was also the start of me finding the answer to the question, ” How can I share this idea in my head with someone else?”.


This was drawn by another close friend of mine, which I got to know in JC. He is also an ADM student in NTU. He was sort of a turning point in my life. In my years before JC, the arts was always just a past time, it was never ever considered to be a career, But he inspired me to go down that path. I wouldn’t be in ADM or anything art related if it wasn’t for him. The drawing he did is our avatars in a video game working together to defeat a boss. The fun we had, the games we played and his influence on me to go towards animation.

002 (2)

Next is done by another close JC friend. He drew me a frisbee, which honestly looks like a CD. But he guided me a lot on the physical and emotional side of things. He was a lot older then me so he was quite experienced in the field of romantic relationships and told me a lot of his stories. He was also a very fit person despite having various health problems. He is like a brother and mentor to me, always guiding me along. And with his help I have improved a lot.

012 (2)

A better Me. This was Me was shaped during my JC days, with 2 close friends that guided me in that direction. I changed a lot during my JC days and these 2 friends really helped me. The better me hopes to keep to my values and continue doing what I love. Hopefully, I can be more courageous and present in front of an audience in shorts and slippers. (Eventually)

015 (2)009 (2)

The next two drawings were made by my twin sisters. Being in the youngest two in the family, they have the easiest life. Same as my other sister, they brought a lot of fun and joy to the family. Which was when I decided if one day I will be able to give fun and joy to others. This gave me an answer to the question above “How can I share this idea in my head with someone else?”.

013 (2)

Games. The Ideal Me was to be a game developer. I have always loved video games since young. In JC this became an possible career choice. My sisters helped my confirm the choice. To me, I have always wondered how can I ever share my ideas with the world. A game would immerse people in to a world and have they play according to it’s rules. It could bring people into my world, see how I see things. A book leaves the world to the readers imagination. A film doesn’t give you the freedom to explore the world. These are the things only a video game can give. This drawing is of a visitor pass to E3, a annual electronics fair for video games. The Ideal me would wish to take part in it every year.


This was not one of the drawing papers passed to me sister to draw. But it does represent what I want in 5 years time. Which is a happy family and a happy home. There are quite a few family problems going on which has resulted in some trouble internally. I wish for them to be resolved in the near future.

008 (2)

This was drawn by my younger sister. She takes product design in polytechnic. She draws very well. I hope that in 5 years time we can get the chance to work together in ADM. I also hope that she can be more confident in her drawings in the future, just like these that she gave me.

014 (2)

Lastly, Me in 5 years. I hope that me name will be heard and spoken around the world. Having a chinese based name always made it quite hard for people to remember my name. So one of my greatest wish is for myself to be remembered by everyone. I want everyone to know me. Hopefully, I do so by being a famous game developer and my name will never be forgotten.