2D Final Assignment : The Product.


*You are about to look at the final product submitted by Hong Li Peng. Plasters will be given out by the nearest Hong Li Peng as a way to compensate you for the damage you received from reading his horrible use of the English language. This is the final work after a few weeks. As usual, It will contain the authors works and thoughts. And Joy.


18 ways of Subduing Paper

It took a while to finish it, but the first 2D assignment is finally over.

I will go over each of the lines created briefly and the reasons behind the emotion it represents.

Starting with the 4 on the top left hand side. Also known as the Beginning of Many Ideas. (BMI)



First is anxious. Kind of like how I felt at the start. Having no art background, the first assignment was abit scary. So I was uneasy, nervous about the start. This is represented by the Father-like stare in the work, like when you do something wrong as a kid, you start to feel a bit nervous and scared of what your dad would do to you.


Next, was sloven. Messy and untidy. That is  how stuff usually begins. With not knowledge of what is necessary and how to go about doing the assignment, things tend to fly everywhere. This is shown by the crumpled paper. The messy crumpled paper lying around a room. It also represents the start of a project as artist crumple up bad ideas and throw them around.



Awkward represents how I worked at the start. My methods were very weird compared to other people, very abnormal to them. This is represented by sort of a flower like thing. The awkward moment when you want to give a flower to someone and both of you just stare at each other.



Systematic, the end of the BMI and more a more comfortable way for me to work. It is representative of how I work, very logical, everything is sort of planned and calculated. Things do mess up here and there, but I can always calm myself and re-analyse the situation in a logical and orderly fashion. Represented by the towers. Works of not just art, but engineering and architecture. These are shown side ways as well, to represent that even things can go wrong and crumble.


Next is the 5 on the top right board, containing the many experiments during first few weeks. This board was named Trying Methods , No Time. (TMNT)


First of the TMNT is distracted. This is normal for everyone, it gets hard to concentrate on work after a while. For me the main distraction during this time was actually television. I wanted to go home to watch TV, so I kept looking at my watch. This is represented by a sort of a day dream. To me it looks like a martial artist practicing against the waves and other elements. Like me, who wanted to go home and watch my TV show, which happens to be related to martial arts. Distracted….


Following Distracted was Turbulent. Which as I mentioned in my other post was the path I decided to take. Sticking to my rules and wanting to make something new. It was was followed by many random and abnormal decisions, but ultimately produced pretty good results. This is represented by spirals, making the confused face cartoon characters have when they are dizzy.


Indecisive is represented by vines tangling all over the place, unsure of where to go. This was how I felt around that time. I couldn’t make up my mine on which artist to research on or whether I should seek inspiration or strike out on my own.

(The past few post state my answer.)



I felt this a little bit when I see other people’s works. Embarrassed of my own work. Everyone had amazing ideas and so many inspirations. It was hard to show them what I had made. This is represented my many many tangled vines, each trying to hid behind another.



Last of the TMNT is fragile. Towards the end of the middle period, I realized how weak my worries were. It wasn’t like me at all. After seeing the results of my work, I had confident that my worries during this period were unnecessary and can be shattered and thrown aside easily.

Next Up is the 5 on the bottom left. The board contains works from the end-phase. Given the name of Every Real Print. (ERP)



First of the bunch was spontaneous. Like the ideas that kept appearing in my head, I was full of energy and strength t carry all of them out. Represented by a wave, suddenly splashing outwards.



Exhausted everyday. Trying out new Ideas was both physically and mentally demanding, but rewards you with an amazing feeling of accomplishment afterwards. This is represented by a dragon, things I dream about when I sleep well after a tiring week. Dragons usually guard treasure, If one succeeds to overcome their challenge



Next up was aggressive. Not all experiments end happily. There are many failures that did leave me frustrated and quite angry. I kinda wanted to throw the chair at someone, sometimes… Represented by a focus point with cracks. much like the marks when you punch glass out of anger.



Nonsensical. What people think I am doing most of the time. It doesn’t make sense to them. But as the line shows, my work is actually pretty will thought out.

Enjoying the music with the other students working on the same 2D assignment. It is good to know that there are other around even though you don’t see them, sometimes hearing them is enough assurance. Represented by the lines. The space between them vary in intensity, some lines may not clearly see others, but they know they are still there.

Lastly, at the bottom right. The final board. Also known as the Angelic Series. Made at the very end of the project.


Starting with sensual. I see a sort of angel knight, with the black like a shadow over his face and a lady by his side. Representing a sort of lust and love moment.


After that is ambiguous.The unknown. For me I see the skulls, representing souls, ready to feast upon the new dead coming to join them. The mysteries of the underworld.


Psychotic. The crazy, like a tower of souls spiraling upwards to form a tree of demonic energy.


DSC_0923Lastly bizarre. Lots of stuff going on, but the photo quality is bad. This line is filled with demons, skulls and human faces. Almost like the mid point between the earth and the hell. A truly strange scene.

And that wraps up my 18 lines and how I chose the emotions for them. I apologize for the image quality or you can feel sorry for me, cause it really doesn’t do the work justice.

But over all this was a fun an challenging project. I had a lot of fun experimenting ideas, the process of creating them was just really enjoyable. My only regret was my time management and my final product. I wasn’t feeling well on the day before submission, so I couldn’t redo a lot of the lines. Most of them were first prints of an idea, so they weren’t very organised or fully explored. This was due to my time management as well, I shouldn’t have push some things towards the end, the final was good, but not up to the standards I wanted.