2D Visual Journal : The Final Stretch


* You are reading THE visual journal of THE Hong Li Peng. The content below contains really horrible use of the English language. The author will take no responsibilities if you experience vomiting, diarrhea, constipation or “Blinded by pure awesomeness” – Po, Kung Fu Panda. The as you scroll down you will lay eyes on art works and the thoughts of the author. And Joy.


This was the final stretch, the assignment was due in about a 2 weeks time. So it was time to speed up the experiments and prints.

Here goes everything…


The first test.

The first thing on my new list of experiments was to see the effect of folded paper. My aim was to fold the paper, unfold in back to its original shape, then use it to mono-print. The one above was done by crumpling the paper completely. It turned out not bad.


More Testing


More Testing (NEG)

This was the folding I mentioned earlier. Crumpling was kind of towards the extreme ends, so I just did a few folds. The result was not bad, but I wanted to experiment more.


Even More Testing


Even More Testing (Neg)

So I folded even more. This gave me a pretty good idea of what the folded paper creates. The lines made by the folds have a sort of cracking effect, but not as wild as cracks on walls, they were more linear. The contrast was pretty good on the darker ones too.These results were good, they gave me more ideas for mono-printing.

So I prepared for a good print…


Dark and Light


Dark and Light (rotated)

I staged this print pretty well. Folding the paper from one end to the other produced nice results, but there was a size limit for the final product for the 2D lines assignment. So I controlled the folding, varying them in shape. The negative and positive, light and dark was actually made because I was feeling lazy. Doing small folds was hard, I had to make sure they didn’t affect previous fold marks and vary the length. I had to redo this a lot of times. So I thought of doing a mirror image, Just fold half, cause I was lazy. And this was the result. The negative and positive print both placed on one piece of paper. Half of the paper going on the board first, clearing the black paint, then the other half went on to pick up the lighter remains. The result was pretty darn good.

So I continued my experiments.


Focus Point (Pos)


Focus Point (Neg)

The one point focus. I thought about how to fill up the aggression emotion for the assignment. First I thought of punching paper and the getting the creases. But the paper tore instead. So I thought of how to make a similar effect and I came up with this. I placed a black paper on a water bottle, then just used the paper to wrap around the bottle. The point which was on the cap remained mostly untouched. Thus creating this effect, It managed to succeed in one try. One of my favorites,


Multiple Focus (Pos)


Multiple Focus (Neg)


DSC_0859So I decided to try and see how many more focus points I could fit on a paper. Sadly they didn’t turn out the way i imagined. The folds at the side kept interfering with each other, most of them even affected the focus points. This destroyed the whole point of having a focus point, so I had to conclude this experiment with it being a failure. Though one point focus works.

To Be Continued…..