Typographic Portrait: Process I

Hello my name is Kay (for short), and I

  • like to work with my hands

As someone who is kinesthetic, I learn best through carrying out physical activities and it is also because of this trait that I began to love making/painting.

The technique I would like to use for this is string art, something that I’ve wanted to try for the longest time.

  • am easily confused

It usually takes a while to understand things that are not straightforward.

The technique I am looking into for this is making use of optical illusions, creating confusing typography yet at the same time is able to be read.

  • like chocolates

I think this is pretty straightforward. I like chocolates.

And because chocolates remind me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, having a golden ticket to express this would be nice.

  • like to travel

Travelling is something that I’ve enjoyed since I was a child and I especially love car rides to the countryside.

I would like to venture into paper pop ups in this case, because I feel that this technique will bring out the best of the layers of mountains.

  • adapt very easily

I adapt to my surroundings easily so the technique that I would like to use for this is simple- paper.

  • am very messy

Being someone who’s messy, I would like to create a typographic portrait that is made from scraps, things (or rather, rubbish) that can be found in my room.

Author: Kaywerlyn

A product design year 3 student from the School of Art, Design and Media, NTU.

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