Typographic Portrait: Process II

So after researching and brainstorming for ideas, I wrote (or rather, vomited) all my thoughts onto my sketchbook. Some pages were quite blank because I thought that it’d be easier if I were to start making them straight away so that I could do some troubleshooting if anything were to happen.


Here are the pages of my sketchbook:

new doc 1_1

new doc 2_1

new doc 3_1

(I figured that the golden ticket wasn’t going to work because I felt that although it looks okay to me, I didn’t really feel like exploring into this because I wanted to do something more adventurous and exciting.)


new doc 4_1

(I added some more detailed sketches as a means to explore out different variations and types of objects you see when you travel out in the wild. Also, during consultation Ina suggested I come up with more stylized illustrations for my swiss knife.)

new doc 5_1

(I really like this series because I usually am a sucker for minimalistic pieces. Might choose to do the one on the right though.)

new doc 6_1


Author: Kaywerlyn

A product design year 3 student from the School of Art, Design and Media, NTU.

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