POV (Process II)

These are the digital version of my intended zine. I decided to add an introduction about my POV adaption along with an abstract of The Little Prince where he was explaining about the story of the boa constrictor. Also, before every POV piece I added the title and the meaning of the illness.

POV Zine FinalprinttryfdgdgPOV Zine FinalprinttrydfgfdgdfgfPOV Zine Finalprinttrydfgdfgdfg  POV Zine Finalprinttryfdgdgdg POV Zine Finalprinttryfgdfgdgdg POV Zine Finalprinttryfggdfgd POV Zine Finalprinttryfggdgdfg POV Zine Finalprinttrygdfgdgdgg

Author: Kaywerlyn

A product design year 3 student from the School of Art, Design and Media, NTU.

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