ADM-DIP White iLight Proposal

ADM-DIP White iLight Proposal


Show the harm of non-biodegradable materials and the seriousness of our actions through an immersive interactive experience.

  • Step
    Reminds us of our existence on the earth
  • Butterfly effect
    A single step will shake nature’s balance
  • Ripple effect
    A single step will impact the whole earth
  • Chaos theory
    A single step will bring our delicate earth into chaos
  • Theory of synergy
    Multiple steps combined will cause a chaotic mess

We want the audience to realise that they are making an impact on the exhibit, which represents the cause of using non-biodegradable materials

Source of ideas for concept:

  1. 1.Link:
  2. Link:
  3. Link:
  4. Link:
  5. Link:
  6. Link:


-Steps for audience to interact with: each contribution/action causes a reaction

Initially there will be minimal wind

-Have a signifier to show what turns on when you step on it

-Steps can be made of non-magnetic metal or acrylic, rubber material that doesn’t bend easily when there is pressure

-LED lights hanging on the material



-Fans will turn on, speed varies every time someone steps on it

-LED lights will change colour KIV

-2 layers of material

-Possible non-biodegradable materials (material that is able to bend and flow with the wind/durable/hold LED lights):

  1. Plastic bottles to thin strips
  2. Plastic strips/curtain (or a lighter version)
  3. Fabric wire mesh
  4. Shower curtain
  5. Cling wrap
  6. Chiffon (silk chiffon/polyester chiffon)
  7. Organza
  8. Organdy
  • Sheltered area → enclosed space around the site?

Some things we can consider:

-different part of fabric – different colour

-combining materials (consider durability)


Author: Kaywerlyn

A product design year 3 student from the School of Art, Design and Media, NTU.

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