Week 8: Part 3

After the feedback, we decided not to elevate the sculpture/seating as it is not feasible. Also, after getting comments on how the previous sculpture looked more rigid and that each module looked exactly the same, we tried to make each seat more organic and they were specifically made individually. Hence, every seat is of different sizes and form.

We also tried to include joints to connect the individual modules together but we did not want the joints to disrupt the space between each module so we decided to do a small joint that connects the bottom part together.

We also experimented on the thickness of the edges. The edges should not be too rounded and too sharp so we chose to do the 15mm fillet.

To get a better picture of how it will look like in real space, there were suggestions to try rendering our sculpture in an environment. Here are just 3 locations that we tried with the material that we think would fit the best (cement).

Week 8: Spine Form Progress

Previously there were suggestions to elevate our form and simplify it so this week we decided to do a mock up and try to elevate it using Plasticine and a metal wire (which did not look like it was elevated). In the end we decided to use Rhino and cad out the form, and tried to render it with a material that we thought was fitting to our form.

We wanted it to seem full and solid like the bones in the spine so we chose carbon dioxide absorbing cement. This gives the sculpture weight and it feels ironic that it can be elevated as well.